Do you have a bug horror story?

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    my friend got knocked off his motorcycle in n.h. by a giant june bug, spent three days in the hospitol.

    It's either the June Bugs or the Wild Turkeys, they hurt or kill people every year.
    When I was a child my parents decided to move to Fort Worth Texas so Dad could go to college there to become a Baptist Preacher. As we approached Fort Worth we could see this dark cloud on the horizon beyond the city. We tuned into the radio and heard there was a swarm of locust coming to town and was the dark cloud we could see. We traveled on and the sky grew darker, it was 3pm in the afternoon. Soon we were seeing locust..large grasshoppers that had grown 5 inches long. They were flying into our car and hit the windshield with a thump ,thump sound of increasing frequency until we arrived the street to our house. Turning right Dad drove part of the way up the hill that our house was on but the wheels started slipping over the locust that were filling the street with their numbers. The sound of the locust was so loud that we had to yell to be heard. It was getting darker and Dad had to turn the headlights on to see. we backed down the hill and went a different route that was not as steep to get to our home. It was dark as midnight by 4pm and the locust were 6 inches deep in the streets. A 6cell chrome flashlight was held by my brother as we crept along looking for house numbers when we found one that looked right. My brother went first and vanished into the storm of locust, then in the din of darkness, amid the noise of millions of locust passing a faint light appeared on our porch 15 feet from where we had parked. Lets go in Dad said bravely...

    Congratulations, 10,000!

    When I lived in TX they had a similar problem, but not as bad as in your account. If it doesn't stay cold enough long enough then the grass hoppers will survive another season. It's a pretty nasty problem, but some of the birds seem to like eating them.
    I ate one while riding my Harley Davidson once, I thought it tasted pretty good.. Wish I could find out what it was, I'd buy em by the pound.

    Not hardly a horror story though..
    A Bug's Life! A misfit ant, looking for "warriors" to save his colony from greedy grasshoppers, recruits a group of bugs that turn out to be an inept circus troupe
    Stepping on a pile of fire ants is a horror story anytime that happens to you....another one: went to get in my bathtub while living down south and found I had company...a scorpion crawled out of the drain....also while there I put my jeans back on one morning and found a small family of those huge roaches commonly called palmetto bugs by the locals. They proceeded to crawl up the inside of my pant probably never saw a woman climb out of her pants as fast as I did
    my boyfriend at the time, got up in the morning, put his shoes on and was bitten by a poisonous spider :( good news, he survived. :)

    good to hear your boyfriend is doing well!
    Had a Triumph convertible with a bad starter. I was too lazy to jack it up and proceeded to slither under the car. The car was pressed up against my chest, I was stuck. Suddenly a Wolf spider crawled onto my face and just kept running back and forth over my nose. I couldn't get out from under the car and started yelling to my kid brother. He looked thru the engine compartment and saw the spider and got a bucket of water and nearly drown me. The spider did leave, wet of coarse.

    good to hear you did not drown on dry land. :-)

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