If you could change body parts........

    Which ones would you change and whose would you want....for instance...Dolly Parton's breasts would be an example...don't know if I'd want them that big though...LOL

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    22 Answers

    I would like Kim Kardashian's bubble butt. I could use some padding back there.
    ole hipster

    You too huh? LOL

    Love it!!!!
    Headless Man

    Me too I have no

    I come from the race of flat butts and in the old days I had a padded girdle.
    I would like to change my heart,as it has been broken.
    ole hipster

    Your answer made me want to answer your answer!...Your heart will heal in time but it sure as Hell hurts for quite awhile....hope your heart gets well soon! (:

    Ah pythonlover sorry to hear you have a broken heart I hope it becomes a whole heart asap x

    Well I have someone else's kidney and pancreas, guess thats all I get ...
    ole hipster

    Wow have been through Hell and back haven't you?!
    Headless Man

    No, I've been blessed over and over.

    chronic pain, randy? that's what I have. back and neck problems. ow!
    I'd like to have an eyeball on my fingertip so i could look around corners, count change in my pocket, lots of things I could do with an eye on my fingertip.. just not on my toilet hand,, I don't wanna see that..

    Are we talking about the same thing???
    Headless Man

    Wouldn't you be poking yourself in the eye all the time.

    Probably, that's why you should wear a goggle -- :) Or a monocle. LOL
    I wouldn't mind changing out some joints that tend to ache a lot these days.
    Other than my brain, a total recall!!!
    ole hipster

    I feel the same...would actually love to switch bodies entirely...the old one does'nt work so well any more!
    Well maybe to be a bit taller - only 5' 6".
    Better eyes. I hate having to wear glasses to read. Other than that nothing. My mirror indicates a Greek God whenever I walk by, or is it an old Greek?
    donold trumps hairdo.. the women go crazy for that look....
    I wouldn't change anything at all.

    lovely you.
    I would like to be a bit taller
    You can have a couple of my inches...well, maybe not come to think of it...I used to be 5'9" but believe it or not...I have shrunk 3 whole inches....I freaked out when my doc's nurse told me that one!
    ole hipster

    Oops...this was supposed to be a comment to Maz, not a question! I guess the old brain could be exchanged as well! (:

    three inches! wow. I'm going to ask to be measured. fosamax is good to keep you taller.
    I wouldn't change a thing. All you have to do is go to the gym for a while to change yourself for the better.

    oh? i too could look like an alligator?
    Well the only thing I would want to change if possible would be to have my older mind in a younger body, youth is wasted on the young. Otherwise I am in good shape...

    you are young. your alligator face is quite handsome & youngish.

    Thanks itsmee, but my skin feels dry and leathery, maybe it's time for a dip in the pool? lol. Alligators can live to be over 100 years old so in that case I'm in the first half of my life...
    I fell and broke my nose once. If I had Dolly's breasts they would have saved me. Like having air bags.

    ha ha. hardy dee ha ha. very funny friend indeed.
    Jogging is hell for me. I keep getting black eyes from my dolly partons.

    itsme...Try using a wheelbarrow to help you carry
    The whole that I get less attention from the ladies.. ;-()
    if i can it would be my leg our my arm but i wont my body parts

    Your legs and arms are your limbs,but are still considered a body part.
    I wouldn't change all body parts,that is not functionally properly right,We!Always! seem to have are only little problem. We ought to appreciate what God has given us. Although there has been time I could get my teeth back,instead all those fake,false denture,all kind of false procedure,that are used just to attract the opposite sex,well not all I may say ,it has great therapeutics use,for those that had misfortune of loosing a members or so To sum it all up, I'm content with what I have Thank You.LOL.

    Took you a long time to say the last 6 words of your reply facebook.

    The cartilage in my body keeps packing up and leaving home,i guess i would like some cartilage that wanted to hang around as long as me..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..""

    I'd stick my hair on jennifer annistons head and I'd take her hair and put it on me.
    I have unfortunate hair. It will not style well. It has the look of a different decade and i hate it.
    I'd like to have an eye at the back of my head. The only trouble is, my hair is so thick it would cover my eye. I'd have to trim around it. Maybe Vinny's idea is best. There's no hair on fingers. But, too bad if you caught your finger in a door. Or chopped it off with a knife when chopping meat.

    I always wanted fuller lips. I don't need them, just want 'em.


    that would be lovely. I want perfect fat lips.
    I used to have these really long eye lashes. amazing really. people commented. i used lots lof mascara to enhance them. and now .... boooo hoooooo - they're really short now. if i use mascara it gets in my eyes.

    sorry ... I really didn't mean to carry on so much.

    Feel free! I enjoy it. It's the only way we get to chat, and get to know each other better.
    I always wanted to look like Elizabeth Taylor, or Vivian Leigh. I had the hair and the eyes color. Sadly not the face.

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