Do I come across as

    Do I come across as ignorent or mean spirited??? Someone is making me feel that way...

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    I am too tied to worry about it. Too much going on it the real world... I was just being sencitive... LOTS OF LOVE to my AKA buddies. Sweet Dreams

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    We love you just the way you are Jenn. You're having a rough time right now and we understand. Hang in there girl, we're here for you.

    ((( Hugs )))
    Absolutley not!! You are very down to earth and honest with your answers as far as I can tell on this website. You can't rely on the opinion of one person. If many people feel that way about you then you might have to evaluate your recent behaviors but if it's just one then I wouldn't worry. We can't please everyone.

    I am just sensitive today. I think a feather could push me into the deep end...

    Roll over and snuggle with Mr. Jenn...and tell him to stop I can hear him here in Philly!

    Talk to you soon peach!
    Ignore them.You're not mean.
    Hello, Jenn , my friend, it's like that song " I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE". And WE do LOVE you Jenn. I'm sure I speak for the majority of the people on this site, just keep being who you are. FFL.

    Love you Spacey!
    You come across fine. Top girl.
    Hello!Jenn!We all love you,just like Spaceghost said "Just the way you are" The more you become ripe,the sweeter you'll be,{big hug}

    Aww TY Facebook.. I needed that today.

    Anytime Jenn your well come!smile TU.
    Who is it? You stay behind my back, girl!

    Aww.. My hero... Love ya!
    We have a diverse group with strong oppinions if you dont get some reactions theres just not must to ya to start with
    majority rules jenn we all love you..

    And I love love love you!
    Who are they? I'll rip their heads off and feed them to the chickens.

    Awesome!!!! I'll let you know if they start up agian.. LOVE YA!

    Their 2 day suspension is finished so do look out for them Jenn.

    You should hear me with a telemarketer. Our number is silent and sometimes by sheer luck they happen to strike gold. I tie them in knots, they never ring back.

    nice one eggie you tell, and if you dont i will

    The chickens deserve better than that.
    hey jen: we love you, ignore the ones that irritate you.
    Not to me. Tell 'em to go take a long walk off a short pier.
    Lol... Not to me....what happened?

    Just having a difference of opinion that is not appreciated.

    Well, like Coach can't please might want to make them understand your opinion and the reason behind it if your really concerned about it..

    Actually the person was abusive to Jenn without reason. Jenn did nothing to warrant the abuse she got.
    doublehelix i don't know the history behind it so i just guessed the best..

    Thanks guys I just love you all to pieces.

    hey Colleen, were you able to kick the abuser off?

    They was suspended.. But I think they are nack on today... Colleen is a good girl she is not going to put up with that kind od meaness.
    Nots to me...
    I have said many times that misery loves company, don't keep him/her company with letting one person weigh on you. You are going through so much right now, this is the last thing you need to have on your shoulders. I have read many of your answers and never found anything that would give me a sense that your mean spirited.Look at your karma points...another great indicator of the help you have given.

    Sorry for the vote up down up down up I am on moms computer and it is sensitive
    Jenn I am so sorry you feel this way you are one of the nicest person I know " i know its all done through the ciber space " but I know that all your comments have been real and from the heart and you are not ignorant at all if someone is doing this to you, spill the beans god bless you (((hugs)))
    People who are mean to people with problems that are beyond our control and we are trying our best to cope with them if this was possible
    just a wish it be neat if they could for just a day live with our problems for a day they never be the same person

    A day in my shoes... Poor ppl would be so confused... Tragity, srtess, love, joy... Yup I think it would push some ppl right over the edge... I am hanging on by my finger nails.... LOL... Good comment! Thnak you.

    You're welcome Jenn
    I have never read anything that you wrote that came across as mean or ignorant. Coach is right, "You can't please everyone"! I would go with the majority and from where I sit you have a lot of people right here that love and care about you. Don't let it get you down.

    I am not down.. I was really very curious to know if that was a one person thing or if you are all thinking... dang this girl needs to read a book.... LOL.. I am good baby doll.. Lots of Love!

    Your fine lady   we're all with you 

    I've only been on this site a short while but you can bet your bottom dollar that I have the utmost respect for you and your opinions. I like reading your note... You've got a head on your shoulders...


    Thanks babe!!! You are a keeper!

    Your fine lady   we're all with you 

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