Do you believe in miracles?

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    Headless Man

    eggplant, I believe you me and all of us are miracles but it's up to us to be good miracles.

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    I have 2 of them.One is 2yo & one is 8 yo.(Grand daughters)

    they are Tommy love them and spoil as only a PAPA can that what my niece's and nephew call my DAD!

    GOD bless them both and all of your family
    You bet!

    Why? What made you to believe in miracles?

    Without going into particulars, there was a time when something terrible happened and I really asked over and over that this not end badly. I prayed about it for about two days (which is not the norm for me) because I was extremely upset and somehow it turned out alright. It shouldn't have, but it did. To me that was a miracle, a small miracle but still a miracle.
    Survived a few bullet holes. (No not war) Miracles are real.
    Do I believe in miracles? Eggplant I am one.
    it's a miracle that I can get out of bed every morning! (:
    Absolutely! My life is a miracle.
    Life is an opportunity and love is the miracle that fills your every day with joy. I live to love and love to liveā€¦that is a miracle. When faced with an impossible problem from which there was no escape I found a loving answer that let me happily live and solved the impossible problem with a stunning response. My opponents were crushed in the process. Love is the miracle.
    I am a miracle, I should be dead 10+ times over.
    Sure do.. See them, felt them, had them happen to me..... AS far as I am concerned the best are unanswered prayers.
    yes. small miracles happen all the time. don`t get the mistaken idea that miracles are huge like fireworks. they`re not.
    Everyday is a miracle!
    Yes, Everytime an embryo is conceived in the womb and developes into a baby,and is born, it's a miracle
    ABSOLUTLY , christ as well..

    I expected you to say that.
    Yes they do happen.
    Yes mycatsmom has hit the nail on the head. Life is the biggest miracle of all. To witness life is the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me.

    There are miracles every day, some small, some BIG, but are there to be recognized and are indisputable.

    Oh yes I do 100%

    Without a doubt!

    Yes..with my Pantene shampoo and conditioner,it didnt happen over night but it did happen.



    You'll have to admit that he's been on quite a cold streak lately. Eh ? Heads, he wins. Tails, we lose.
    I call it LUCK. Pure and simple. Like being dealt a royal flush in a card game or winning the lottery jackpot. No skill involved. Just pure statistically improbable luck.

    Don't see why we need to credit anyone for its unexpected occurrence.
    Headless Man

    Then I've been dealt a royal flush over a dozen times in my life.
    L. living, U. under, C. Christ, K. kindness

    I think you're stretching the definition of miracle,Randy. Look, if you've been served several servings of luck, you should be pleased. I'm also willing to wager that you've had your share of not-so-lucky experiences.How would you explain those? Negative miracles? Miraculous payback?
    My point is this. If you're a devoted follower of spiritual beliefs,you will always credit your god when great things happen to you.You'll even refer to them as miracles. Yet, when equally terrible things occur, well then, it's either the devil's doing or better still, part of god's master plan.

    That's what I mean by "Heads he wins; Tails we lose".

    All Ways and in All Ways`

    Absolutely, miracles are real.  My son should have been killed when he ran his Toyota into a vineyard about a year ago.  4 X 4 posts went through the windshield.  Should have killed him; barely knicked his shoulder.  Barely.
    His older brother had prayed for his safety that particular night.  He didn't believe God had answered his prayers  because he had the accident. .  It was obvious to me those prayers had been answered.  My son was not hurt.  No one had asked God to make my son behave smart!

    yes, i do........miracals  happen every day......every time your heart beats another beat.....its another miracal......every breath you are able to take is another's a mirical we are alive at all

    salam eggplant i do belive in mericals whean i read in the quran there was lots of mericals from god i had a wish and it came true and that wishi had a freand who whold stick up with me and hes name is eggplant and there are moore from sniper1237

    Good on you, Sniper.

    ever hear of THE 1969 NEW YORK METS ?




    of course!  Everyday there are many. some are small. Sometimes you don't realize just how blessed we all are.


    You're getting it!!!!

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