Do you think it is easier to ignore your problems, or to face them?

    Why do we ignore our problems?

    Has a problem you've ignored ever worked itself out?

    Does procrastination have anything to do with it, or fear?

    Where did you learn how to deal with your problem or from whom?

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    Basically the longer you hold on to a problem and stew over it, the worst it becomes in your mind. Kind of making a mountain over a mole hill.What a weight off of the shoulders once it is behind you. It always amazes me that as humans we prefer to walk around with so much unnecessary stress. We worry and stress and imagine all these terrible scenarios when once we deal with it, it was basically a hiccup.Although at times through our procrastination the problem does get a little more difficult to deal with or costs us more time or money to untangle. No wonder we all complain about our health and look like we have been dragged through a chipper. Whats the point I say...but we go again.

    A lot of good answers thanks everyone, this is a big problem for many people. Any advice on how to hit a problem head on? What do you do when hit with a big problem?
    Ignoring your problems is easier. But that won't make them go away.
    It's better to come up with a solution to a problem than to ignore it. Then again, it depends on what the problem is and how much immediate attention is needed.
    You can't become a good sailor less you've gone threw some bad storm in life.
    It really is easier to ignore them, sometimes that just gives them a chance to grow into a much bigger problem. On rare occasions they will go away on their own, but facing them takes grit. T.u. on your comment thanks.
    t.u. Pam, I agree with you that it's better, I just seem to procrastinate the thing I believe are going to be extremely difficult.

    Sometimes once I finally get around to facing the problem it just works out so easily, "I wondered what I was thinking." That worked out so easily, it seemed like such a huge thing, that's it? Many times we make problems bigger in our heads than they are in reality.

    See how easy we solve this problem, we faced it head on.
    That's my way of escaping from a problem :) I'm turning twenty two soon seriously if my mum hears this she'll be smacking my back :O . i shouldn't tell her i'm still interested in fairies, spiderman, batman and stuff :S , just keep it to myself...

    I wish you an early happy birthday! 22! wow, I don't think I was ever 22!

    hehahe :) Thank you Flip. i'll be passing your age one day too ;)
    without doubt it much easier to ignor them, but that does not make them go away. ...problems "let he's witout sin cast the first stone" meaning we all got problems ,lets turn it into a challenge, then we got at least we got a quest! why avoid reality ! it takes a bigger man/women to rise to the challenge than to avoid it!!!
    I'm usually the first one up!in the morning,put a fresh perg coffee
    And a Bole of cereal,with a side order of toast,jam,and some fruit.
    The odd time like bacon & egg,toast fresh coffee.We cut down since were not so active.they tell me bacon not all that good for you,
    Is there anything that not good to eat anymore,something going to
    kill you eventually.SO MAKE IT QUICK.please THANK
    Well I suppose we all tend to procrastinate, but that being said, if one wishes to act like an Ostrich in other words stick their head in the sand when problems arise and all hell is breaking loose above ground just because one has their head in the sand and does not see it does not make it go away or make it not be happening and solves nothing. So I say do the best you can to deal with it head on.
    According to Scripture, you are not supposed to let the sun go down on your anger.

    In other words, if we let something bother us and it eats at us all day, by saying nothing and going to bed, the thing manifests itself in our dreams. The state of the matter is expounded upon in the spirit and makes sleeping hard to do. These often become nightmares.

    Confront the thing and come to terms. Sometimes, things get worse the longer you wait; like a cancer if caught early, can be treated quickly.

    Your sister,

    it is better to face your problems than to not face them or put them off.You will worry more than if you face them and then you can choose how to handle it
    Keep up the good work DH, You are a bright intelligent young person, I like your answers and can tell you have a passion for life, don't ever change... Be careful of your expectations in life, that can be the biggest disappointment in life when you are creative and a dreamer.

    I am artistic, creative, and had big dreams of success when I was your age. Being that I have had some success, but lost everything a few times, it has brought me into serious depression a few times. So when life and other people don't meet your expectations, it can be crushing at times.

    Hope you will keep this in mind, that failure is a part of life, and it doesn't mean to stop trying. Look at how many times Thomas Edison attempted to make a light bulb before he succeeded. Good luck, keep up the great attitude, I hope you do well in life, it's tough out there.

    YEp, failures will come of course, but that can only make me appreciate victory even more ;)
    if i come upon a big problem, i escape.
    Nope, not the escape your thinking about.
    i escape in my mind!
    i close my eyes
    i'm in a forest
    suddenly i find two trees connected to each other like a huge gate
    as i come closer it becomes surreal
    curiosity hits in
    i'm passing in between them
    then a force hit's in hard and i'm on a completely different realm
    guess what, it's a fairy realm
    all these different creatures, ugly yet beautiful walk around
    as i ask around they direct me to the queen
    she's the queen faery who knows everything and can do anything
    then i bow down in respect
    she asks me what i need
    i represent to her my problem in the human world
    she tells me to write it down with a unique quill feather on a piece of magic paper
    i write down the problem
    then she throws the paper to a servant creature
    the servant creature, me and the queen all walk to a garden
    the servant digs the ground then buries the paper.
    he throws soil at it and the paper is treated as if it's dead
    the queen asks 'do you want to know why i did that'
    i say yes, she continues 'like everything in your human world, it ends, it dies'
    'everything disappears one day, in the end nothing matters, because it dies'
    'you see your problem might seem big, might have great consequences for the choices you make, but in the end you got to understand , it ends, One day you have a black and white day and everything seems to be going wrong, then one day you have a colourful day, full of bright ideas and new beginnings, a problem is just like a human life, one day it exists, one day it doesn't, it's as simple as that'.
    then kaboom i'm back to reality ,
    open my eyes
    face the problem with the most perfect mind
    and solve it with the best outcome i could achieve.
    it eliminates every despair i had when i had first encountered the conflict, it turns my results way around.
    I can't live without imagination, it takes me a whole hour to go through what i just described, you can't rush your mind, you need to slow down and think of EVERY detail that comes within the story, it won't work if you rush it.
    surmate all your problem to God and beleaving that he is going to take care of them for you my brother.

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