Should the burqa be banned?

    France has taken steps to ban them & now NSW Australia is considering it after an incident where a woman would not remove her burqa to be identified by a policeman.She accused him of trying to force it from her but this was proven as a lie because he taped the entire incident on his in car camera.

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    There was another one who threatened a policeman this week. When he stopped her, she refused to show her licence because he'll see her face. Then, she said that the Australian law was with them, muslims. We are the biggest fools on the planet!

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    I think if you travel outside of your own country, you should be subject to the rules of the country you enter into as a guest. If she's that protective over not removing it, then she should never leave her own country. I say if a country feels they need to ban them, then that country has every right to do so for the protection of their citizens.

    Good point Colleen.I agree

    Our police need protection from the burqa clad women.

    Police do need protection. Who is to say, a male could dress up as female, and wear the Burqa, and cause many problems. Out side their own countrys, the burqa, should be banned. Non Muslims, have to abide by Muslim rules in their countrys.
    yes its a symbol against democracy, thousands of american troops as well as our allies are dieing in the name of freedom , we got suicide bombers in all forms ,god only knows what they could hide under a burqa, certainaly not the us constition.

    Aussie troops too,D1.
    I don't know why the women put up with it.

    I think the women like it. It's only cultural not religious. There is nothing in the koran that says they have to dress in tents. It only says, women should dress modestly so as not to attract men. When they attract men they could commit adultery. They have sex with other men anyway. Long ago, when I was a teen, a muslim couple told me that muslim men share their wives with their good friends. And somebody else, a muslim, told me the same thing. So, when they act holier than thou, just remind yourself and wonder how many men they have slept with!

    I have heard that too Eggy.I don't think they are holier than thou.I just think they are sneaky.
    Many years ago the actor who portrayed the long ranger, refused to remove his mask which he for reasons that I can't understand even wore while not performing. He was stopped and refused to show his face to the police officer. This case went to a high court, and eventually he was permitted to wear the mask at all times.

    I guess that WAS his identity.His mask didn't hide much anyhow.Thanks for that Ed.

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