How do I make a call to the united States?

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    It's hard living in one country and then trying to figure out how to call another country. I know. I'm USA and needed the site I posted in my last comment to show me how to connect to an over seas phone. There's a lot of different codes out there. I'm sure Toya knows she needs to use a phone and's just what numbers/over seas exchanges to dial is the question.
    This gives the answer:

    Yes i do agree.

    It can be confusing.Different codes mean different things in diferent countries.We know from experience.
    Use this, it will set up the dialing codes for you
    Phone E.T ?

    luv it!

    Thanks Maz....!
    try the telephone operator for assistance
    Let your fingers do the dialing or punching numbers nowdays I guess.....
    set up an alqeda training camp, they'll find you
    Use a telephone!

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