Do you believe in ghosts?

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    Only our Spaceghost on this site

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    When i encounter one,i will tell you then.

    Thank you. I haven't seen any either.
    I believe in "spirits" only, not ghosts

    The kind you drink?
    The things that go bump in the night, appear as a fleeting light and appear as a person or whatever…usually are nothing to be alarmed about. The human brain has quirky behavior in that it’s first response to anything that cannot be readily identified as frightening, which triggers the adrenaline to gush forward to put you into the "flight or fight" mode of operation. This response is a primitive form of self preservation that can do more harm than help in various situations. It is best to learn to control the reaction and thus build confidence in your higher brain functions of reasoning and patient understanding rather than reaction speed. Facing fear and challenging circumstances gives you confidence to face and find things that other people are afraid of and may not know exist. Facing fear gives you confidence and understanding that presents you with opportunities to grow and mature beyond your years. I hunted everything I feared without exception to learn to have no fear. Snakes, I made pets of them. tThe same for scorpions, spiders, big nasty bikers and really ugly people. I found friends and gentle loving charm in all of them. Combine fearlessness and good since. Remain courteous, polite, sincere and honest…every door will open for you. Never play one-up to see a reaction if you like your health in strange territory.

    When it comes to spirits and ghost…that too is part of a persons natural maturation. Facing challenges here gives you opportunities to advance in and among spiritual beings also. It is a gradual learning process and within you there is a guiding spirit who will answer and lead you along these ways. We are all given work to do as well.
    I think our loved ones that have passed to heaven may on rare occasion visit us, especially in times of extreme distress. But, I think this is very rare and can't back that up with scripture from the Bible, just from experience.

    Most of any type of haunting I have heard of has usually been from an unhappy or evil spirit. I believe these cases, which includes most of the cases, to be evil or demons.
    I don't belive in ghosts, but I believe the spirit lives on.

    When I was a kid Casper was my favourite.

    Too many people have seen ghosts to say that there's no such thing as ghosts. Ditto for UFOs and Sazquatch

    Can you prove it?
    Yep, sure do. Saw one once.

    Did you run for your life?

    No way. I think it might have been my Dad, he was waiting for me in the kitchen one morning when I woke up and passed through for my coffee. Just a big dark shadow about the size of my Dad. I said "excuse me" before I realized and walked around it. I have a friend that is a psychic and she said if it was not a shock and I spoke without fear than it probably was him, even though I didn't realize it until afterwards.

    Hey eggie, congrats on the 17,000!

    I haven't been watching it. I've been too busy trying to find questions to ask. And surfing around for more to answer. Thanks.

    may be whaen i was 9 i was sleeping i saw an black cat moving in my room and plus i dont have a cat  ahhhhhhhhh i scremed i hid in my blakeit i was faced to faced but i think it was my imgenation but i was about to piss my pants at less i was about to punch it.bye from sniper1237 lock all doors eggplant and besafe from the evill wich lurks in your house or room mu haahaaa the sounds of the dead  lughfing  plus pry to god to be safe in gods hand from an angles lap sleeping like an qwit mouse

    As a Jehovah's Witness I believe ghosts are demons masquerading as dead people. The following article may throw some light on the subject:

    oh yeah.!!! they are all around us we just have to spend the time to notice them.  :P

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