what do you think about these young girls that are 15,16,17 years old getting pregnant

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    In the uk they get a house from the council and there is one girl I know who has 4 children all by different men and is getting around ?500.00 per week and guess who paying for this me and all the tax payers the goverment should penilize them instead of rewarding them I think when you are young and get pregnant in early teens with one child can be forgiven but to get pregnant 2/3 times then they are stupid.As Jenn said all children are a blessing but these children that are born are just going to repeat what their Mother has done I just preyer that they get a good education and they have God in their hearts
    Oh the young ones here in oz are laughing.Our government gives any one that has a child a payment of $6,ooo(what an incentive).So therefore all these silly little immature girls are getting pregnant just to get the cash.

    OK the gov is stupid not the girl (ok well maybe those girls).
    Some things will never change. We're curious, and reckless. As sure as the sun rises and sets, water freezes, and the air is polluted, man will always desire to experience sex.
    I was pregnant at 17.. I had a tubal pregnancy and lost the baby. I was not stupid or a whore.. I was careless. Sex was not something that my mother ever talked about.. For that matter when I started my cycle I told my brother who stole pads and tampons for me.. All of that was not talked about with my mom and then step dad. Barrying our heads in the sand and prtending that your child isnt going to want to experiment is not going to keep thier legs closed. But haveing am open and honest relationship with them might help them be better equipt to make a wise chioce. Lastly.. All children are a blessing no matter what the age of the mother. Life goes on. Sometimes you grow up before your time.. But there are many reasons for that the least of which it a beautiful child.
    Ms Sinclair

    I do think it's better to wait. Some girls are ill equipped to handle that situation. They might end up abusing the child because they're little more than children themselves.

    Oh yes...Wait wait wait..... I am not suggesting that we throw condom at kids when they have thier first butterfly.. I just think parent need to understand that sex is not a dirty little secret it is a big part of a teenagers life whether they are active or not.. TALK TALK TALK to your kids.
    I think we need to get rid of the welfare system and stop providing for the kids having kids. Let the parents who should have been watching their children take care of the baby financially and I mean both sets of parents. The girls and the boys parents.

    HELL YA!!!! That is My Colleen tellin it like it is!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
    They are stupid, stupid. Their parents should not let them roam around without knowing exactly where they are. Our sons were kept under lock and key, only joking. They never got the car at night and they never went anywhere at night. If they went anywhere in the daytime, we took them.
    nothing new
    I agree with most of the above but with the birth control availble today there is no excuse for unwanted pregnancy.

    So some Catholic views are no contraception well, let the RC`s rear the children and parents.

    These young unwed mothers being supported by the tax payers is setting a dangerous precedent for future generations. Monkey see monkey do. Included are the young boys who are the other side of the equation.

    Let`s get serious, there are lots of ways to obtain sexual gratification apart from intercourse.

    compleatly agree there is no need to get pregnant now adays

    Thanks melandrupert. I have very firm views on some things as you may have noticed and stupidity is one of them.

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