What do you like to do in your spare time, if you have any? Do you have a hobby?

    Just wondering, I think many of us use hobbies to relax. If you have a hobby that stresses you out, why not change hobbies?

    Do you think your hobby says more about your personality than your career?

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    Antique John Deere tractors. We have 11 of them. half run someday the others will too We take them to shows {have one this weekend were going to}. People in our area have plow days where a bunch of us get together and plow or deep rip a couple of fields on a weekend. To me that's gotta be one of the best sounds, when an old 2 cylinder John Deere is pulling hard.

    My brother in law has had a love affair with John Deeres for as long as he's known what a tractor is. :)

    When I lived in TX I used to see so many of those old tractors most of them still running. Pretty cool hobby.

    Very collectable here in the uk.
    I have been a licensed radio Ham for 30 years and talk worldwide using voice & Morse code.

    Cool, my Grandpa used to have a short wave radio and loved it, he also collected stamps, enjoyed gardening, and loved puzzles.

    My dad and grandfather both used ham radios. I remember as a child how fascinating it was to listen to a voice from across the ocean! I never owned a ham radio and today I use Skype to talk to people all over the world. Ham radios are better though. You don't have to depend on the internet.

    Yes Ham radio is a very interesting hobby & i speak to many countries including of course North & South America. Amongst the most interesting contacts was with the spacecraft Columbia in the mid 1980s on VHF with astronaugt Dr. Owen Garriot (callsign W5LFL) who at the time was the Shuttle payload specialist. I treasure the card sent from NASSA & Owen Garriot confirming the contact. Another memorable contact back in the early 1990s was with the late King Hussien of Jordan (callsign JY1) who was a very keen & active ham.

    Well contacts like those I will never be able to get on Skype. How cool for you! Those had to be so exciting for you! What a nice collectible you got from NASA too :)

    One card for a contact with the space shuttle recently sold on e-bay for 67 pounds. Mine is not for sale - a piece of history that i treasure. As far as Skype goes i use it often myself. Excellent mode of communication, now of course owned by GOOGLE.
    i like to bang on the drums .... my wife hates it especially during her quiet time also i volenteer one day a week at a community thrift shop, its a great out let to meet and help some of those less fortunate..
    Gardening. Blueberries should be ripe soon. I love to pick them.
    Spending Time with my animals and go for walks.

    I knew it ann we have a lot in common

    I have a fruits and vegetable garden. I love gardening!

    I know Mel. it is amazing.
    Shubee, I wish I could plant fruit Trees. I have plenty of space but is taken up by Pine, Hemlock and Oak Trees. I love beeing outdoors, even in the winter.

    I love walking in the snow there is so much to see and our robins always come back everyear the same with the guess I cannot paint trees though I have done a woodland oil panting using a technik called sratching like that BOB in the usa "painter" have a look at his work anyway the painting came out fab
    Walking gardening changing rooms "decor" reading and I like painting with oils abstract mainly and being on this site love it have to go on it everyday yes I have OCD
    I putter with computers. Then I spend way too much time on akaQA.
    All my time is spare time, lol...akaQA is one of my hobbies. Spending time with my pets is another. I also read and draw (pencil sketchings of people). Lastly delivering food to shut ins or helping out in the soup kitchen.

    You are an extremely interesting and gifted person Colleen. Thumbs up.

    Thanks leeroy. :)

    I take my hat of to you Colleen for helping out in the soup kitchen the nearest one to us is 40 miles away and we couldnt afford to do this as the petrol prices are crippling at the moment though I do help out local animal shelters with peoples cast offs I do try to do a bit but I feel it is not enough

    I think it's plenty. Animals are Soul too. They need as much love and caring as people do :)

    thank you Colleen
    SPARE TIME. What's that. You forget, I'm married.

    Oh, that spare time...Damn..I am married too!
    Mainly akaQa, music, time with kids, arguing (with worst half)lol and court tv.

    Cool, no hobbies? Like building birdhouses in the garage or painting? Aka can be a time vortex that eats up all of your extra time... Good answer thumbs up.

    To blind to do that important stuff anymore!
    I've found this to be a fun new hobby, but usually between my job, my husband, my pet, I love to garden, go to the beach, and go to plays and movies.

    Yeah, a lot of people like gardening seems to be a rewarding hobby. Cool, thumbs up.

    it can be very therapeutic pulling weeds, and then looking at how beautiful it is.
    Poetry, gardening, most often just playing and goofing around with my kids.

    Do you have any hobbies, or things you used to do that you don't anymore?

    There are plenty of things I no longer have time for... I dont do yoga or model.. I dont travel like I used to.. Most of the hobbies I have no are around the house and free. I volunteer. And mentor at risk girls.
    Walking the pups, tending to my huge flower beds, spending more and more time here with all of you. This time of year I do a lot of fruit picking. Strawberries are in and next month the blueberries. When the veggies start coming I'll be there with sheetrock buckets full to clean, slice and dice and put into freezer bags. Then there's the pickling to be done after. No wonder I'm so tired all the time. My hobbies and my career are one and the same.
    I trade stocks, it's my hobby to make a little extra money in my spare time. Besides that, I play golf and tennis, often go to the local zoo, aquarium, museums, or amusement parks. You take a wild guess who I take to those places. ;-)
    ed shank

    Let me guess, little humans with the same last name?

    Too smart!
    i have 2 favs. 1 is building hi detail model military planes and 2nd is spanking females. I own 3 web sites and collect clips and movies. I have over 1800 gig on cds

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