how do I remove this

    my 7 yr old grandson put this on my computer and I would like it taken off. How do I do this ? This is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. All I want is this tool bar off of my computer and I have to SIGN UP and STILL can't get an answer !!!!!

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    4 Answers

    Go to your start button. Click control panel, see programs (add/uninstall programs) click it, see list of programs, find the tool bar you want to remove and click unistall.

    OR, go to "View" found on your toolbar, click it, see toolbars, click it, uncheck the tool bar you do not want to see anymore.
    Under the Tools there is a box to uncheck.

    how do I get ride of this direction tool bar and gamer tool bar

    I need this tool bar remove I have it on the computer 2 time my grand daughter did this

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