How can i pick up a packet from the floor thats been posted through my letterbox that says on it do not bend.

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    Are you related to Minnie Crumb

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    if it's on the floor, then you won't be bending it when you pick it up.
    harry crumb

    But i need to bend to pick it up, and its telling me not to!
    Are you really sitting there with a package on your floor??? They have names for that!!!! If you are that concerned use a dust pan.
    Put glue on a stick. If it says do not bend, pin, poke or perforate well I guess you have to leave it on the floor.

    Might be a good idea to fix a box inside the slot in case another one arrives.
    Shoe box would be good it would shoo the next one away.
    take 1 of those grabbers with the prongs on the end, pick it up very carefully, and then use scissors to cut it open.
    LOL, you gave the answer before I saw this Harry.

    Hey gang, meet Harry. He's one of our newest jokester. You have to read what he posts twice ;)
    I'd leave it where it fell. I'll bet it only has a crumb in it.
    Certain to be junk mail.

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