if you were fired from your last job, how would you answer the question

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    id have to agree with carmaxable ,when you tell the truth it wont come back to haunt you,your not the first person to get fired nor the last..most people respect honesty.
    I was discharged from this job. State your reason. Good luck!
    truthfully. employers look for honesty-give explanation. sometimes people are victims of circumstance. good luck!

    Good answer.
    To many variables to make an accurate judgment call. If you were lazy, a pervert, habitually late or incompetent, you have a problem. If your looking for a job in a similar field, consider doing something else, expand your horizons. If suffer from any of the above you will no doubt fall into the same hole again. Change is good. Good luck.
    Just put, "let go". This opens it up for questioning the reason but does not give the immediate negative impact of "Fired". Still, be honest as to why you were fired because you know they will be calling your ex boss for confirmation of what you said.

    I use to hire people. Discharged looks like fired to me. Let go gives other alternatives. Not an immediate negative in my mind ;)
    You can fire me! I quit.In most case employers will have a good explanation for terminate you employment,unless they didn't need you to start off.
    Look,I was retrenched! OK? What day is payday? How much do I get? Can I have a coffee break every hour?

    Oh Yeah,Thanks facebooh.What time is lunch?
    ed shank

    Great advise, My approach exactly. You forgot the personal parking area for his car.

    Oh yeah.
    SAY---They didn't know what they had when they fired me, or the truth.

    this is a really good answer!
    I was fired because I had an accident on the job and hurt my back. I lifted a two hundred and fifty pound of equipment to put it into the truck, like I have many times before... I had a back brace and bent with my legs using proper form. They were just dickheads for firing me I was their best guy. That's how I would put it, but I probably wouldn't get the job for the pure honesty.

    It's much better to not to use profanity or slang. LOl.

    If your scenario was factual "sue", it's illegal to terminate under this reasoning.

    Thanks dad, but you if this were factional you also have to sue right away after this has taken place. If you wait a few weeks it's to late.
    Some people think there the only competence to do the work.It been told me that you can always be replace.By a machine be much faster and cheaper.Well that really cheer me up!.and beside they can work around the clock with no lunch break.

    who will fix the machine when it break down?

    Were is that handymen when you need him? I think he went With Pam for a lunch break.`Tim Horton?

    machines can be replaced too...
    honesty is always the best policy, but try to make your answer as brief as possible. People respect that.
    I quit my job because I had destroyed the monopoly AT&T(M) and the CIA over the lack of federal oversight. Haven’t worked since.
    'Incompatibility with host..' (this seems to work when my laptop tries to log into where its not wanted.. :)

    Fired and laid-off are not interchangeable where many people use the word 'fired' generically.

    laid off is usually used to define lack of work, slowing economy, less demand on production. This is not a negative-

    if you were fired, it's probably due to many reasons from stealing to job related mis-conduct. This is a negative

    If you were 'released' due to low performance, this is not fired nor laid-off, its an incompatibility issue. As with the other's honesty would be your best bet, however, if you were fired its gunna be a tuff ride.

    Good luck!

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