how do you interact with individuals that respect their beliefs, culture, values and preferences?

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    Fine, as long as they don't try to impose these upon me.

    Do you impose any of your beliefs, culture, values and preferences on anyone else Clonge?

    I work in the care setting and i say that i have my own Culture, beliefs, preferences, and values however the ppl i look after have theres and need me to maybe not beleive in it to but to support them in thers so they can life there life as there culture intended them to, they can live through there values in life and inbrace there belifes, i like seeing them happy when they arein the iddle of there culture but i stand bk and watch and never get involved for its not mine but what im trying to say is everyone deserves to live there way and beleive what they want just do it for yourself and dont push it around in everyone eles

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    very good question I always respect others in every aspect a TU for that I cant comment anymore as Ann and Leeroy have said it all
    What a good question, thumbs up. I am very interested in other cultures and peoples beliefs. I think many years ago I may not have related to different people so well, but I have learned to respect other people's culture and beliefs.

    I think the more you learn about other people, the more you learn to respect their values, culture, and beliefs. I have met so many really wonderful people from different places, with different beliefs. Being open minded is extremely helpful to understanding where a person is coming from.

    I have always been interested in other cultures. I Respect theire indivituality. I have no problem interacting with different ethnic and cultural views.

    Absolutely Ann. I live in a multicultural society. I completely agree with you.

    100% like you and I can eat (and like too) their foods, seriously NLAA.
    Always Give first, show your respect and you will get it in return.
    ed shank


    I know, you could just wish...LOL
    We dont have to agree with other peoples beliefs, culture, values, and preferences , but respect them, just as, I would like people of difference cultures, respect my culture.
    with caution
    With kindness and appreciation of their beliefs.

    Sometimes it's not easy. While I don't want to compromise my values, etc. I don't want to impose them on anyone,   NOR do I want to be imposed upon by someone who thinks I have to agree with everything he believes.   Understanding that people are from different  backgrounds or societies, with different mores and traditions, goes a long way in creating an atmosphere of mutual courtesy.
    If I am in a cooperative group with someone who is different than me in the ways mentioned in the question, there will have to be some terms of agreement to keep the group cohesive and functioning.  I'm OK to acquiesce when It benefits the majority.   It's not necessary that I be right all the time or that everyone must agree with my preference.  

    "When in Rome, do like the Roman's do."

    Golden Rule. Treat others like you would like to be treated related to their and your cultural beliefs. Respect being number one, even if you don't have time to interact. Genuine interest in the person, if you have time to interact. Kindness also always works.


    Umbriel I quoting "When in Rome do like the Roman's do." strictly as a figure of speach. I have looked at the history channel on the Romans. I realize they had some very bar-BEAR-ic behavior towards their fellow man and woman. Actually it an insult to the bears to spell barbaric like that but . . . many Romans were cruel beast.

    You interact with them, like with any one else, With Respect.

    If you can't earn 3 degrees in anthropology today, try humility to show you are open to learning, then ask questions. You can also relate examples of how you would do/believe things differently. Then the new understanding will lead to greater mutual respect and personal or profressional trust. Be yourself and allow them to be themselves.
    If talking about a whole culture, call a local church/group/etc. of the culture and ask for materials you can learn from.

    Yes I do respect peoples beliefs and respect thier culture proving they respect mine then we will get along fine like a house on fire I would not impose anything on anyone on what i belive live and let live thats my motto


    Do you still respect them when F,G,M,is part of thier religion,??
    I will take you at face value. Be nice and you will be treated the same way. Just about anyone is welcome in my home, just about. I will not waste my time with any Muslims. The wars or 911 have nothing to do with this mindset. I just don't trust them and therefore have any use for these people. Call it the way you see it. Bigot, racist. I have my reasons.

    At moment, Im ashamed to be known as a Christan, because of the bad things that have been done in the past, and who knows, if it has stopped This does not mean that every Christan is bad. Its not good to class every person in a religon, the same, there are good and bad in every religon.

    With respect.

    good question and my take on it is,beleive what you like and please tell me more as im interested.But ,dont ram it down my throat

    Great question.  witchway said it all....with respect.  You don't have to agree, just respect their position.  It'd be a good beginning.

    Find mutual ground, show an interest if they wish to share beliefs or information, be non judgmental, encourage communication, let them know that they are valued,  avoid overwhelming them with personal information and your own beliefs, that will come with time and remember confidentiality is extremely important

    In the most normal civil friendly way as long as they know yours and respect them too. We have the nicest  relationship with our nextdoor mormon family neighbor.

    All staff have to respect and encourage all different children whatever they are for example if they are from here or came from different countries


    Sad but trure Umbriel,

    I always keep that aside an behave as if we were all the same by the way no two people people are the same


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