I have been told that I have a Dull ear I am very dizzie "no jokes please"

    I would like to know weather there are anymore symptoms than the dizzieness

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    This would be a great question for a blond joke, but I will follow your request, here are some websites that may give you some more info, hope this helps.

    Natural Vertigo Remedy
    Natural Remedy Stops Dizzy Spells & Sensations Related to Vertigo.

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    Homeopathy Remedy: Vertigo - Homeopathy Medicines ...
    Edoses » Homeopathic Remedies » Vertigo Homeopathy ... Gelsemium sempervirens: Vertigo spreading from occiput. Heavy, dull head as if ... pain in the temples extends to the ear - Cached
    Middle Ear Infection: Home Remedies | Symptoms | Causes and ...
    Symptoms of Ear Infection. Dull continuous pain, or ... Profound hearing loss, headache, dizziness and discharge from the ear ... Home remedies for Ear Infection (Middle Ear) Warm ... - Cached

    Hi Leeroy thanks for all the buff you have listed yes you could get a few jokes from that "oh by the way I am Blonde" sorry had to say it thanks again lol

    No worries, good question. My friend had vertigo and he was stuck to the floor in the bathroom. Every time he stood up and thought he was better he would get sick again. It was terrible, we had to call the ambulance finally.

    He didn't want us to but he was stuck to the floor for six hours.

    yea thats what happened to me cant belive so many people have this I now have BPV have a look on the web there is video on to it very interesting thanks again Leeroy
    It could be Vertigo.Dizziness occurs when the central nervous system receives conflicting messages from the inner ear, eyes, muscles, or skin pressure receptors. Those who suffer from Vertigo feel that they are sinking or falling, that the room and its objects are spinning around. It can be caused by high or low blood pressure, allergies, head injuries, lack of oxygen to the brain, anemia, infections, blockage of ear canal or eustachian tube, middle ear infections, excess wax in ear or moving too quickly from lying or sitting to a standing position.

    Mel, my son-in-law was just diagnosed with Vertigo. He said whenever he moved his head too fast, he felt a big rush going to his head and made him very dizzy. They are still trying to find out the cause.I will let you know, when he is done wth his tests.

    thanks Ann I was really bad last tuesday and was sent the hospital anyway 9 hrs later they sent me home with no medication and just said rest and there diognose said i had vertigo "to me it was awful it reminded me when you were a child when you went on a rounabout and jumped off before it stopped and you kept spinning" I am lucky to say i havnt felt sick. by Thursday I was no better and went to my own doctor and she said when you look in to ear it should be shiny and mine wasnt which susjest that it is the inner ear and they call this DULL EAR children get it when there is fluid in the ear and they normally put in a gromet any way I am on antibiotics till thursday if its no better by next week its a trip to the ENT Doctor thanks Ann

    Mel, Ihought about Vertigo right away, because I was talking to my son-in-law on sunday. They told him not to jump up, when getting out of be bed, instead lift your head up slowly and slowly turn your head in either direction. He is a very active man and he is frustrated. He does not feel sick either, just for the dizziness. I hope the antibiotic will take care of it. I hope and pray. Thanks for your reply.

    Thanks Ann I am about 60 per cent better I am still a bit dizzie as you said when you move your head quickly and as you said when I get out of bed and also when I turn over yes I am very active and it is so frustraiting thanks for your preyers Ann I will keep you informed of the situation I do hope your son-law gets better soon you are always in my preyers Ann x
    Sorry Mel, haven't a clue about this one. Never heard of Dull Ear before. You are far from dull though. ((((Hugs))))

    thanks 6dogs if you go on the net there is a lot of bumf but i thought i would get more answers and in layman terms rather than medical terms thanks paws for ever mel "for got to mention thanks for the Hugs"
    I agree with 6 dogs. Sorry haven't heard of that either but hope you're feeling better :)

    thanks bevs its now been confirmed by the Doctor it is BPV until I see specialist !!!

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