why is Bill Maher's show so dirty ? Why does his talk so dirty? Why does he get away with it ?

    when I was sleeping on the couch one night, his show was on, and he said something about Suzanne sucks somebody and somebody else can F---- themselves. My eyes kept flying open like a window shade when I was sleeping --when he'd say something like that.

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    If his language offends you then don't watch him.
    Why do you watch it?
    His show is made to appeal to a certain audience, cable shows can do almost what ever they want to. If you are a liberal Democrat pot smoker you would probably like the show...
    The way bad language is accepted as the norm today is apalling.

    "Oh but we have the right to speak how we want and to whomever we want to"

    The way children speak in front of parents and adults would have resulted in a decapitation in my younger years.

    Too many dogooders standing up for idiots.
    I DIDN'T WATCH IT ! I was channel surfing and fell asleep on the reclining love seat ! I wouldn't watch his show. His dirty language woke me up.
    Now, get back to the original question--- Mr. Sinclair and Eggplant !
    He's a comedian, that's what they do!
    you do have the option of changing the channel..

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