What has led to millions of U.S. Children and adolescents being overweight and obese?


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    Lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating patterns, or a combination of both.

    Thank you my friend, you're right, playing video games instead of playing basketball , baseball etc. Eating all that fast food. Thanks for the info.

    Anytime :-)
    Too many tempting junk food choices along with advertizing for same. I also heard something about hormones being added to food having something to do with obesity

    Thanks Ms. Sinclair, I also heard that about hormones added to foods. Appreciate the input.

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    Sedentary lives and poor diets. I see kids getting lazier and drinking more soda and eating fast food crap. They would rather plop themselves down in front of their X-box rather than go out and play in the neighborhood. It's very discouraging because there is a rise in juvenile diabetes as well as other problems.

    Coach my friend, you are so right, I see kids getting lazier also and some of the sport programs in our town are suffering because kids won't come out for the sports. Thank you so much for your info.

    I have a tough time getting kids out for my school football team...and that's free to play!!
    Fast food joints, processed food to make cooking more convenient for a working mom, video games, the internet, the government cutting funding for after school sports.

    Thank you Colleen, ALL the things you said definitely contributes to the problems. Appreciate the info.
    Our bodies evolved to eat what is available and store the excess as fat because it could be a while before the next meal walks into camp. Now the same physiology is treated to the next meal, three times a day and snacks between meals with lots of fat building starchy food to give our mouths something to do while typing on our computers. All that thinking about our next keystroke is rather disturbing to the physiology that is attempting to adjust to the problem of less physical activity, without a fasting time and the brain box is calling for more and more of the nutrients that it wants while the rest of the body has fat building up, blocking arteries and the muscles are becoming useless as fat burners. Our obese size should be requiring more muscular energy to kill the aliens from Zorg but the only functioning muscles are in the fingers and forearms dancing over the keys while the lunchtime Blue Plate special is slowly digesting amid a food storm of pretzels,peanuts and beer.

    That pretty much sums it up Robert. Thank you so much for your input.
    Technology for one thing, playing to many video games in an air conditioned house. Many parents don't make food from scratch anymore, when you buy those frozen meals it's just not healthy for the most part.

    When I was a kid most of the games or activities we did were sports outside. Staying inside was just to boring. Parenting has also gone down hill, some parents just let the kids stay around the house all day, I would make my kids get out and do something that burns calories.

    Junk food and fast food has replaced the healthy meals mom used to cook. It's really a shame kids don't know what they're missing out on. We used to get all the neighborhood kids together and play basketball, football, dodge ball, and on and on. So it's our lifestyles in general that have made weight an issue.

    I agree with you 100% leeroy. Technology is one of the major factors, video games, play station etc. Fast food, a killer. Thanks so much for the info. going out to play
    2.their parents believing paedophiles live around every corner, thereby not letting the kids go out to explore play and learn. stations,xbox, wii, etc etc
    4.crap food filled with all kinds of chemical shit!
    5.TV, they watch far to much!
    6,Mobile phones, why bother to go and see your friends when you can just text them.
    7.Bad education, government and parents to blame for that.

    when I was a kid my parents didn't see from sun up till sundown, and i was having fun playing, learning and getting plenty of exercise. I feel rather sorry for kids nowadays. ;-)

    I think that pretty much hits the nail right on the head Grit TU

    Thanks Grit,like JDB said, you hit the nail right on the head. When I was young I didn't even want to go home, enjoyed playing sports. Thanks for the info.

    Number two is very true,I for one don't allow my kids to roam away from my driveway,times have changed a lot since my childhood,and there have been way to many abductions and murdered children.It's so sad that it has come to that.
    Sorry I have to disagree with everyone.. There is only one reason our youth are in the shape they are in... LAZY ASS PARENTS!!!!! They dont want to cook healthy food, get outside with thier kids, be the bad guy when talling thier kids to go outside or do something creative or usefull.. Parents want to thier be friends... Give kids the food the games the tv they want.. YA I am sure it is easier for a parent to have thier own life while pawning thier kids of to Mc Donalds, Nickelodion, and the play station.. But they gave up that option when they spread thier legs...

    Hello Jenn my friend, very true statement, parents SHOULD get out there and be active with their children. When my kids were growing up we were very active and ate good healthy food. Thank you soooo much for your input.

    Love ya Spacey!!!

    That's what I'm talking about!
    With all said, I want to add one more. It's parent's ignorance or misconception of raising children.

    Very true statement, Thanks so much schubee for your input.
    I agree with a lot that has been said,technology has lead our kids to be very lazy,the internet and all the high tech video games is what entertains our kids,I think a lot of kids and adults also associate food with pleasure,a lot of the tasty food options are bad for us,these are the times when a lot of mothers have to work,so cooking healthy homemade meals have come to be a thing of the past,kids should be involved in sports,and should limit the junk stuff that they eat.

    Thanks IluvJesus, like you said kids should be involved in sports and try to limit the junk food. Appreciate the info.

    I agree here that far too many children instead of getting out & playing games and being active, far too many are sitting in front of computers, mobile phones, xboxes and the like and combined with a poor high fat diet is, i am sure, the problem. It is not just a problem in USA. Most developed western countries are also seeing similar problems.
    hey space, i think the main reason is fast food, its all over the place. Maybe if we quit buying it, they'll fade away.

    Wouldn't that be great? I wish that could happen. Bevs, thank you for contributing my friend.
    Sedentary lifestyle. They get no exercise. Technology has changed theire lives, and not in a good way.

    Very true statement Ann, Technology has indeed changed their lives. Thank you so much for your info.
    Because the junk food shops in the US are full all day long. I guess the kids are in there with their parents.

    Very true statement, thank you eggplant.
    Thank you Maz, I don't think we are the only country battling this dilemma. I just wish we could solve this for ALL people that's going through this. Appreciate the info.
    Lack of excersize. Junk food.

    I agree with you 100% ed. Thank you so much for your input.
    ask their lazy fatass parents
    too sleepy to read .. it's 4am.... 50 per cent of americans are obese. (from the view)
    Go to bed !! LOL. Thank you so much itsmee, I'm pretty sure those stats are correct, may be over 50%. Appreciate the info.
    High Fructose Corn Syrup

    You're right FreedomFighter, HFCS, I read about it in an article the other day and it was saying how bad it is for you.

    Not enough of activity out side as I have notice children dont play ouside like I useto as akid you coudlnt get me in if was aloud i would have proberly lived out side in the summer months


    That's the way I was when I was a child, I loved the outdoors and I loved to play baseball, basketball and football.

    thanks Spaceghost and I am glad you agree with kids should be out playing fuul stop :-)

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