Where do you get your local, national news?

    i.e. newspaper, internet, tv....

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    Internet or TV if I remember to turn my TV on.
    Local news , tv , WDBJ 7 Roanoke Va.
    TV Channel 9 Brisbane or Sky news on Foxtel (Cable)
    TV channel 7
    local news-tv-KCBS 2-Los Angeles. Also, cable news!
    I usually stick with Fox both local and cable, but I do surf the news sometimes. Not to mention internet.

    Congratulations, 50,000!

    Finally, that beats the twenty dollars I made on that scratch off ticket!!!

    Congratulation Leeroy, the gentle Giant.
    Fox and local-ABC channel 9
    Fox only. Everything else is for the no brainers.
    I use the internet and occasionally but rarely use good ol' Channel 9 WMUR from Manchester, NH. It's hilarious to watch Channel 9 as it's a bit rinky dink. They think they're professional but every once in a while someone forgets to turn the camera and sound off and they start having a conversation, or they come back from a commercial and the newsperson is talking but there's no sound. Comic relief more than breaking news!

    Congrats on breaking 50,000 Leeroy!
    BBC news 24, or when driving the local VHF radio station.
    Thanks to all for your answers...what's interesting to me is it used to be everybody read the newspaper, now not 1 mention of it. My sister used to work for a newspaper, had a great job, now unemployed. How things change! BTW, I like internet and radio, but also still read the paper when I have time.

    Yay, Leeroy, way to go!

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