what did you do on your first date?

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    Went to the Capital City to buy an 8 track tape and have dinner at Howdy's which was a prelude to McDonalds back 40 years, with my new boyfriend.

    I've had many first dates since that one but they weren't as memorable because this one was THE first date that I was allowed to go on when I was 17 years old. He was to be my husband a year later.

    oh 6dogs I thought you were a guy sorry about that I made a comment how handsome you were, sorry "how beutiful you are" please for give me !
    Dinner at the fifth street deli then off to the drive-inn theater. I think it was showing the first Star Trek movie.
    to a movie and mickey d's
    This is the most memorable first date. First he took me too dinner at a restaurant looking out over the ocean then we watched fire works from a view point not far from the restaurant. Then we went to the beach and had a glass of wine and walked in the water with the phosphorescence glowing all around our feet in the water.He was a complete gentleman and took me home, gave me a kiss and went home. I have to say he called the next day to tell me he enjoyed the date and set up another one within the week as to not keep me hanging.It was the best date I had ever had and because he called the next day, I knew he was interested.

    Bless x.

    I fell in love of coarse.
    A romatic meal in London. (Cost a fortune back then.)

    dinner in romantic :-)
    I walked my gf to the movies and arcade. It was a long walk, but I couldn't drive until I was fifteen. We had a great conversation during the walk, I wish I could go back in time and marry that girl, she was amazing.

    the one that got away

    Yeah, I have been in love five times in my life, but they can never compare to your first love. I hope that one will be stronger than the love I had for her, someday.

    you will meet your soulmate...sooner than you think. :-)

    Well, I have this one crazy ex-girlfriend that call me that, but somehow I don't think it's her, lol.
    My best friend (a guy) set me up with his cousin.. It was a group date and we went to a swanky seafood PLace in Savannah and to the movies.. I flirted with my future hubby all night, I got onto the waitress for playing with his hair, I sat next to him at the movies and when my feet got cold i slipped them under his bum. When he went out for a smoke I followed so I could get to know him. The next day he told me I needed to stop flirting with him, I was going out with his cousin.... His cousin forget to mention to him it was a set up between my hubby and me... So my hubby thought I was his cousins girlfriend... LOL... It has been a ball of laughs ever since...
    went on a hayride,that is when i was taught how to kiss,with carole beal,i will never forget her,she lives in florida now.
    Not what your thinking lol
    walked and talked for hours,didnt have a car then. i think i accuatly got a kiss on the cheek after i walked her home from the park.
    I kissed him

    well this is how mine went, we were going to the pool and he said he couldn't go and so he texted me the whole day. me and my friends were dropped off at my best friends  house and as we were getting out of the car he texted me, were braking up i wont be able to see you in the summer any ways. SHALLOW jerk! first of all he texted me instead of personally telling me alone! and what excuse is "i wont be able to see you in the summer any ways" he was surely lying. i knew he was hiding something, and of coarse he told me the real reason we broke through e-mail! "the real reason i broke up with you is because i love kayla so much and she was i first girl i really loved and i cant let her go and ill always love her sorry."

      kayla was his x-girlfriend. that really hurt so guess what i said...

    than why did you brake up with her and date me if you loved her all along thats gonna scar her so when you kick me in the face to get back together with her, she will remember how you hurt me and her and she will have moved on by now. and i have too so now your a lonely loser who thinks he has everything and can play girls like leap frog. well guess over.

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