Why do atheists not have a church.

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    BECAUSE. church is only a meeting place not Gods WE don't need a place we don't Pray to a false image!!.WE are good honest helpful to others are you?? listen to the converters."EVIL" people. I am what I am PROUD ATHEIST!!I do not attack believers I respect ,and thats what I require.

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    I know a few atheist and they are some of the greatest people to know.  You don't have to believe in the bible to follow it's rules......


    WEll said Girl and all "TRUE" We are a happy lot helping others honest.I fear NO God through his Name people have Died.wars ect.

    I have a few athiests in my family... The world is their church and life is their sermon. 


    My girlfriend's oldest son is an self-proclaimed athieis, but his wife is not.His mom had to laugh b/c they went to a Christian financial counceling company about their debts. Then, his sister talked him into getting his first baby baptised in our church, when she got hers baptized.

    You are very right. I'm disgusted with what some are saying on this thread.

    @ mcm So they used the church to get a loan. Big deal. So he got baptized to stop his wife from nagging at him. Bid deal. I can bet he still does not believe in God. Your point is? Christians love to force others to follow their way?

    An atheist is defined as one who believes that there is no God; an atheist rejects all religious belief and denies the existence of God.  
    A church is defined as the Lord's house; belonging to the Lord. (Lord being ruler or one with supreme power).  It is a building set apart or consecrated for public worship, especially one for Christian worship.
    I see no point in an atheist needing a church.   


    Good for you.

    Commenting on Umbriel,.... an admission fee into a church??!! I totally believe in God or a higher power for our souls and spiritualism,.....but have complete disdain for religions and church orders as they are of man,....spirituality is of God or your Higher Power,...churches are power-hungry and directed by Man. The admission fee he alluded to proves that.

    Don't need one, nor do I think all Christians need one either, I spent my school life on my knees in a catholic church and I don't believe it made me a better person, just gave me sore knees

    Headless Man

    Thats because you where told to be on your knees, you half to want to be.

    absolutely,Umbriel and Randy your right,but I don't wish to be

    because you don't need one when you don't worship a god.

    The church is a place to worship what would they worship?


    "LIFE" Mother Father WE do not believe in "WARS like you do "Blessed by the Church to Fight "KILL someone you dont even know Is your "God "SATIN!!
    Headless Man

    You have me wrong, I don't believe in murdering, killing is sometimes necessary to protect others.
    Do you believe in SATIN?

    its all been said in the other comments above but the church is is the house of god ,if you dont believe in god churchs have no function.

    they do its called the world..


    Just because someone is an atheist does not mean they're self centered. Isn't that a little judgmental daren? According to your other posts I would assume you're a Christian and if so I would think you're being a little bit hypocritical.


    Do you really feel the need to boast such malice?

    So people do not take Ashligh or witchway wrong, Daren just now changed his comment. Good of him too because it was rude.

    IT is "Called "HATE"" Because Atheist like me Believe in good of man and woman Not blessed to "Kill like so called Christians!!YES the World is our "OYSTER!!Bow to your God "Satin!!

    Because they do not have any god to worship.


    "Hear Hear"

    When people are typecast and given a church to suit, it seems like they are supposed to look around and see who they can disagree with, opposing arguments result which never seem to be for the now that is all we have

    They do it is called Scientalogy.. Sorry I should not have.. But it is the but of an old joke.

    Because the church is the very reason we are athiests.


    So, without man mucking it up, you would give the Bible, God, and Jesus Christ consideration?(Not trying to be a smart-ass; I'm asking in all sincerity)

    Why are you pushing your religion like he's never heard of it or even thought about it before?

    Bob.I do not doubt the existance of Jesus any more than I doubt that he was a good & well intentioned man.(MAN key word).The entire story of him has been so bastardized by other men I find most of it difficult to believe.I don't doubt that this man Jesus was crucified to set an example but it had the opposite affect to the one they desired.
    I don't revile him or his teachings.Anyone who preaches good over evil has to be a good thing.The church however (All denominations)has been on a bloody good thing for the past 2000 years.Thay are the ones who have profitted.Look at the money spent on the Vatican.The money spent on the clothes the Pope wears could feed a small starving country.The church is BS.We don't need churches.We don't need churches to make us decent,honest Human Beings.

    "YES Tommy there is more "Gold in the Vatican than Fort Knox.

    forgive me ashlight16 your right dodnt know why i said that really


    I know why you said that daren1, you have to be sarcastic about something that is different from what you believe, Christian? me thinks not.


    There should'nt be a name like atheist, there should be no name for not believing in something that does'nt exist in the first place, there is not a name for someone who does'nt believe in fairies or goblins etc.


    Very good point PeopleLover

    Hahha. Who would they worship ? They don't acknowlege a higher power. I suppose they have conferences and things like that. Some of them worship green paper  ( $ $ )  and some of them worship sex, and some of them worship slot machines.


    Even christians play poker machines. Are you so one-eyed you can't see the wood for the trees? If only atheists like sex, how did you get here? Everyone needs money to live, some are smarter than others and make because of their education. I thought you were smarter, but I don't think you are at all.

    I've removed your reference to what Jesus said. This question is about Atheists. Please respect their right to be Jesus free and do not preach your religion to them. Thank you. Why in the world would Atheists have conferences? It's not a religion.

    In fact atheists do have conferences, there is one in Melbourne shortly. all the big God-botherers are attending, Dawkins etc, even Christopher Hitchens was billed to be there, perhaps he will return from the dead. That would be as big an event as the long-awaited return of Jesus!
    As a non-believer myself I find the concept of an atheist conference an example of preaching to the unconverted, thus pointless.

    Good on you Eggplant "WE Worship "LIFE!!Your are Blessed by the So called church to take up arms "KILL" HOW many "Bodybags are still coming "HOME!!WEll are"You Ha Ha Now Hypocrite!!

    Church = a place of prayer and worship? An atheist does not believe in prayer and worship because the latter two are associated with a supreme deity or God and the atheist does not believe in a God. The "Rationalists" clubs serve their purpose. states "established religious system, which manifests itself in the abomination called "church", is NOT of God." So if the Atheists knew this, they could easily go to a church and make it a reading room. However, they would get cheesed off by the religious icons in the church, therefore they won't bother doing so.

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