are we not allowed to state our beliefs a nd opinions on this site? i see there was an answer i gave which somehow didnt post. why is that?

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    "i see there was an answer i gave which somehow didnt post. why is that?" Are you sure it's not there? They do not post in order. It depends on your karma total as to where on the page your comment will post. No comments are removed unless it's someone being vulgar or making an extremely rude comment or it's kids asking about sex and then the whole thread is removed. Look again. If your comments truly are disappearing, send to the admin along with the question title. They can retrieve lost comments. If there's a problem with the app and you really can not get your comment to post, then let them know. This site is not set for keywords nor is it set for screening. Everything gets posted. Check to see if there is a page 2 on the question you are commenting to. 


    I sometimes type out what I want to post in an editor thats not on line so that I can get it all cleaned up and looking fit to post. Its personal pride. Otherwise my spelling errors would glair back at me with my second grade teachers face attached like an inditement. Then I just blow it all off to get away from that and do something else only to come back and wonder who blew my posted message off…I did of course….my second grade teacher scared me off the site. Yep…S**t happens.

    "" Shut up and eat some cake. It'll make you feel happy.



    looking at the pic. I can hardly keep the saliva swallowed. hee hee

    well done Colleen yer my type honest straight "yer meaning "your being scottish all the best tam


    Can you speak english. LOL.

    bulletman ever heard Prince Charlie! Mumble stutter ,and may I say not very good English more like "Cockney London lol

    OOH OOH,  let me get my 2 cents in on this eight month old question!
    SOMETIMES, you may type in your whole answer and neglect to "POST" the answer.   It WILL disappear.  Be careful not to be distracted and forget that final step.
    SOMETIMES, your answer is offensive and should be removed. The moderators will do that if they see it or another member may "report abuse".  
    SOMETIMES your questions will meet the same fate. 
    It's all good.  Let's not get our panties in a bunch, people.  8 months ago!!!!

    I mean., let's just calm down everyone.  (Is that better, doo?)


    Panties in a bunch???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't do it!!!! Fishy will have to give her speech about how improer it is to have your panties in a bunch! and matching bras!!!! and how they need to be colorful!!!!!!!!! drawers full of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quick, go change before Fishy finds out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) good ans. Bob!

    Ha ha ha... You can run but you can't hide Doo!... Respect the undies! Do not let them bunch and ... the most important thing to remember... Always Coordinate!

    Hi Bob... How on the planet did this question show up after 8 months? Strange.

    eloninete and eggplant had answers from a day before mine. I'll wager eloninete brought it out of hiberbation.

    i, hope not, that will destroy, my believe, in democracy


    Did you read the answer? Did you notice this question is 8 months old?

    Well I just checked your answers....this one you gave to a question..."yo dum face :D" ..... yup, expect it to disappear. Comments like that are not allowed. You will disappear too if you keep making such comments. You just joined today so I can't imagine you've had a lot of issues with the app. already.

    what,s wrong with you,i felt to answer ,you need to lighten up,and if you don't like that i put it under  answer gues what,sorry have to go on     (A man doesn't begin to attain wisdom until he recognizes that he is no longer indispensable)


    Put a sock in it.

    Eggie, you are a bit sprity tonight. LOL.

    Had you read the answer I gave 8 months ago, you would have known democracy is under no danger here.

    Good question, I am afraid that you may have to ask the moderator why?


    It was answered by a moderator.

    @Colleen. But can the moderator answer if the moderator has removed the statement allegedly made? I was curious, as much as I was curious when a moderator asked others not to raise the Karma levels on another questioner. Is it about Karma points or is it about helping people?

    I do not see how this applies to the question. The question is about a missing post which was not removed. I've asked no to raise karma levels on newbies just to give them karma. Typically they are kids and will go willy-nilly throughout the members giving them TD's for no reason. This was my way of trying to stop the abuse.

    @Colleen, but this is an "Ask any question" site. So any question it is. Give them a suitable answer and they will buzz off because they get bored with logic. The more you entertain them with funny answers, the more they come back. Teachers are like that.. Dull :). I fit the bill with kids :). There was a young man who had made some comment about women, and I asked him whether his mother spanked him, and to report her to the child abuse department. He was off within seconds of the answer.

    OK, still not following you. Apparently your conversation goes beyond this question?

    @Colleen. Maybe we should agree to disagree? I agree with the gentleman/lady (pseudonyms aside). He is entitled to his opinion and he is also entitled to have his answers displayed. I do not know the role of a moderator here, but I do know of a mediator when there is conflict between two individuals, and neither can "back off" each wanting his own point of view. I agree with the gentleman, to the extent that he can reply, as long as there is no abuse in it. I think the same situation arose over the preacher man. One may ask then, is this a friendship club where each one pats the other on the back, or does one answer the question, no matter how offensive it is? And no offense meant in this either.

    What gentleman/lady??? Give a name please so I can know where you are coming from! Gahh. If your going to try and give lessons to a moderator, please be clear about it. If you are speaking of carmaxable, her comment was never removed. I believe I explained it already. Why do you continue to argue?
    Preaching is not allowed on akaQA. If you have a problem with that, take it up with the admin, not me. I just enforce their rules as that is part of my job. Contact link at the bottom of this page. I've been here for over a year, you've been here for 31 days, unless you have more than one account an the other/s are older. I know what I'm doing and the admin like how I do it. I will do things differently on their say so. If this place is too limiting for your likes, there are other forums where free for alls are allowed.

    Now that I know you are a panel member over on the Yahoo forums, I see that free for alls are exactly what you like. akaQA will never be a site like that. Moderators moderate here. We do not sit on the sidelines watching. We also see a heck of a lot more than you do. That person you reported me over had 4 accounts running and was using them all to promote political, religious and government agendas. We are not a platform for all the soap boxers. We are a help forum. If his court problem is true and he's been at it for years, he has a lawyer or lawyers already. He can not make it to the US Supreme court without one or a posse of them. This was my flag that his story is not true. But if it is somehow true, then he needs to speak to them, not unqualified volunteers on akaQA. You can claim all you want you have 40 years experience. You can't prove it and akaQA can not be liable for you giving legal advice when you can not prove you are qualified to do so. Your best advice is like all others here, "get a lawyer". You are UK, his problem is with the US Supreme court. You are not qualified for that. Yahoo forums may allow people to just claim to be something but here, those claims are taken with a grain of salt as we have no proof anyone is who they say they are. If you wish to have your e-mail address shared with GCOMM7 so you can counsel him on your own and away from the forum, I can send him your e-mail address. Let me know.

    OK, so you claim you are not here for the Karma, yet you created a new account "carolinamoon33" and then went to this account and gave it a bunch of thumbs up. Why? Thumbs up mean KARMA!!!

    +15 carolinamoon33 voted up your answer in which you said: "Sure, as much as you do not kn..."

    2012-03-16 17:42:29
    +15 carolinamoon33 voted up your answer in which you said: "No. The essence of good servic..."

    2012-03-16 17:40:15
    +15 carolinamoon33 voted up your answer in which you said: "When you cannot sleep, you can..."

    2012-03-16 17:39:42
    +15 carolinamoon33 voted up your answer in which you said: "Upside down like a pineapple b..."

    2012-03-16 17:31:42
    +15 carolinamoon33 voted up your answer in which you said: "Yes it does. When all is said ..."

    I could not see beyond this point because it went off the karma chart.

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