New York Soda Tax? Isnt this just the Government creating a whole new criminal enterprize of soda smuggling? This could be a victory for terrorists that will soon be smuggling soda to fund terror!

    What do you think of this new soda tax? Has it passed yet in New York yet? When the Democrats, the ones who are supposed to care about the poor do stuff like this do they ever think about the unintended consequences? As if the state needs more tax money, gas is the highest taxed in the country already costing $4 a gallon for regular now, we got the highest insane cigarette tax with prices pushing $15 for one pack, they wanna tax tanning beds, junk food, soda, ect. What will they tax next?

    Now theres gonna be terrorists driving to nearby cheapest soda tax free states, fill truckloads of soda and smuggle it to NY selling it off the black market to poor people who cant stand the government taxes everything they buy to death since thats all they can afford. The terrorists are already winning with the cigarette smuggling making millions of dollars in NY, and now theyre gonna get more money to fund another terrorist attack but this time with SODA.

    What else should the Government do to make it even easier for terrorists to fund their lucrative terrorbusiness and possibly enough for another 9/11?

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    Terrorists and soda.  Interesting concept.  Here is a kick in the pants.... stop doing things that are unhealthy for you... a stretch, I understand. 

    Soda tax >


    If the government is not willing to tax that which is illegal then what the flip do you believe they can dream up of  what to tax next?  Think about it.  A country is a seriously expensive machine to run... roads, parks, Monsanto, more roads... a couple of kazillion bridges... I would include health care but that does not apply to you... add welfare and unemployment, signs, air, water.... all sorts of flora and fauna... a heck of a lot of politicians and food stamps, if the United States of America still gives those out, war or not so war efforts, bailing other countries out of the mire and every single person who gets caught doing something illegal ....  Taxes are taxes and you have to pay for where you live.... grand or not so grand... That is a Fact Jack.


    Again, don't like the tax, don't drink the soda .... it isn't healthy anyway.


    Have yourself a 'glorious one', two years after the your question was posted... :) ... and don't smoke.  If you light it up and inhale it is not healthy at all.  You will only cause your country more expense.


    So good to see you, Fish……….

    You too... it has been a very long while.

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