If You were lucky to meet God before you died What would you ask him!

    I know most of prey and some people have seen him but for those who have not what would you ask

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    I am pleased to meet You. Thank you for listening and answering my prayers.

    thanks Pamela

    You're Welcome, Mel!
    Can I get a second shot at life? I know I can do it right this time.

    I think we will all be asking that ed thanks
    for forgiveness.. and maybe the winning lottery number!

    if you get it can you let me have it too x

    you bet i'll spread the wealth..
    The time machine was nice, but brief. Thanks…got something with a longer ride?

    thanks robert xx
    I would ask Him if He remembered the night I gave my life to Him

    thats was lovely friendindeed

    Thanks melandrupert. Really there are so many things I want to ask Him. Will wait until we Meet

    We can only wait but in the mean time he will listen if only every one opened thier hearts thank you again

    your answer really touched me friendindeed!

    friendindeed sorry it wont let me TU xx
    I would ask him,if he thinks ive been good.

    I know pythonlover you are good
    I would like to thank every one sharing there veiws very interesting

    Good question Mel.

    thanks 6dogs (((hugs)))

    I agree Mel, it's a "feel good" question.

    thanks Bevs

    Thank him for loving me just as I am with all my flaws and make a request that my entire family be in heaven with me my aunts uncles cousins and their wife's and husband's and kids to help them choose to follow HIM""


    whovin? are you saying you would ask for all your relatives to die so they could come visit you, what about what they want?

    thanks Whovin that was lovely

    I just want my whole family to be together that's all.

    your welcome

    Thank you

    good answer but dad59 you would deserve it xx
    Save me a place.

    good answer MAZ
    I would thank him for being in my life,and then I would ask if I'm worthy of him,hopefully his response would be yes....and then my response would be ''Good, because I'm never letting you go".:)

    Dream on...
    Is there some special thing you have in mind for me?

    thank you xx
    I have been a bad boy and hope you will forgive me PPLLLEEEEAAASSSEE !!!!!!

    I know he will
    How's your son?

    : ) that would do.

    thank you xx
    thank you for blessings and continued blessings, if it is Your will.

    bevs thanks xx
    Is north really the top of the earth and south the bottom or do we have that backwards as usual?

    : ) Using oil paint, leeroy?

    Acrylic, maybe it has the same effect?

    Oil paints have a strong paint remover. Makes you dizzy and kinda drunk. I used the remover in an upstairs room when it was 102 degrees. I called my beloved radio station and made many "special requests" to friends and neighbors. OOOph. I hope no one was listening. god would understand and, of course, was listening.

    Lol, yes painting can be really fun, and sometimes almost dangerous.

    There is no top or bottom, back or front. That's why the earth is a sphere.
    Is it true? there be no more pain,sorrow,tear,loneliness,suffering?

    The bible says, '' In heaven, there are no tears ''

    you read it to! well then it must be true,were going to have a big party and I don;t want to mist it, see you there.TK.
    What's next? (after life on earth)
    Met already, asked all questions, got all answers. I'm good :)

    Did you get the chance to ask where Blackbeard's treasure is hidden, or maybe get a few treasure maps?

    When in the spiritual world, one does not think of worldly things. Sorry. Maybe God will give you a premonition if you ask hard enough. I've moved beyond premonitions. Had them when I was younger, don't need them anymore. :)

    2 questions:
    Can you please explain the Holy Trinity?
    Was Darwin correct?

    thank you xxx
    Is it really you?

    thank you xxx

    How did you become?

     "What would you have me do to please you, and how best can I do this".   
    Explain the trinity....Father, Son, and Holy they are one. 


    thanks Bob xx

    I would ask him to make sure my cats were looked after.


    love your answer I think I would ask him that to xxx

    Hi Mel, I'm a bit sad today, yesterday we managed to rescue a little cat that was trapped between a garage and a wall at my son's house.When we got it out the RSPCA came, they think it may have had Anti Freeze, poor little thing ,they thought it was too late to save it ,can't stop thinking about it.

    sunnyB I am so sorry god bless that little cat some people I really hate them i know that word is very strong but thats how I feel I know how you feeling as i have been there many times all you can thnk of at least its gone to cat heaven and is playing where no bloddy humans can hurt it again I prey for you sunnyB that you get over this and you did right by trying to help this poor little creature god bless you xxxx

    I cant understand, why some people are so Evil, when it comes to animals. Dont forget, what goes around, comes around on the double., SunnyB

    sunnyB - I love your answer - I too would ask him this as this is a worry for me - at one time there was a lovely vet nurse whom I was going to leave monies for her to make sure they would be OK. Oh my - what a sad story - how very awful - just do not understand why some people can be so cruel to animals - just breaks my heart and if I witness this I am ferocious and will report them or tell the person I will do this - a friend of mine and I did this once when we saw a lady being most cruel to her dog - told her that is.
    Got a dollar?lol.
    I WENT TO THE PUB (OR BEER DEN AS MY MUM WOULD SAY) YER"DINNER IS READY (BURNT IN THE OVEN AGAIN )FAITHER OK" JESUS he would shout" i would say faither yer no" him 1 was seven yrs old ah" dont be daft boy i am away in to put my glass back ok aye"i said just then a "wee baldy barman looked up licking all the split beer on his floor and he said ta my "faither Jesus" are ye" back again i was shocked so i wis. for thoses who speak english "faither means father "yer your "aye yes "wee small "ye you "phew God that tired me "out thats all right "Son i know how you feel." wis meaning was.
    the two criminals that were being crucified next to Jesus did ask him a question before they died. They said,Will you take me with you. And Jesus said, From this day forward, you shall dwell in paradise with me.He said to other people--''-My father's house has many mansions ( rooms ) I am going to prepare a place for you.''

    thanks mycatsmom xxx

    I'm assuming your question to God would be, this quaint little story true? What ever will you do when he says no?

    "" I'd ask him to get rid of the holy rollers...


    heeee thanks eggie xx

    my grandpaa. he should know better to smoke!! cool picture eggplant!deserves a thumbs UP
    I would ask him to do the trick where he is jesus and god and the holy spirit all at the same time then show me with the three seperate.

    Well that is what has been rammed at me here. God is jesus, jesus is god, the holy spirit lives in them/he/they. God now I am confused.

    Heha! Glad to know I ain't the only one confused here about the trinity! I argue with my christian parents and it get's nowhere...I'm just a believer of one god only and would like to know how trinity works and if it's true..

    Well doublehelix we will either all find out one day or else never know. I don`t have two bob each way which is what believers do, and their right to do so is not in question, if there is afterlife they win if there is not they still win because they will never know.

    that's true...

    thank you peoplelove and thank you for coming over today we both enjoyed you company you are a very interesting man and give my love to your daughter she is very pretty must have taken after your wife heeeee, love ya to bits mel xxxx
    Are the Ice creams in heaven Yummmmyy??? :O Can i have the honour of tasting everyone of them...can i have my own ice cream shop in heaven....pweaassee say yes!! Can i eat tons without getting sick?? are they free?? Can you make me the ice cream king there?
    Now that i think about i have so many important questions here :O

    thanks doublehelix gather you like ice cream thanks for your answer
    Not to be reborn.

    its good answer Eggie why do you not like life I know where you are comming from as the world dose upset me and I do think that sometimes but then it passes and I think well you have everything you need and you just have to get on with it and in the Buddist way of life is reborn is to suffer and they spend all their life preying not to be reborn are you a Buddist x

    No, I'm a Hindu. The goal in life for a Hindu is not to be born again. There goal is to merge with God. Buddhism came from Hinduism. The Buddha was originally a Hindu. I might tell you I am not depressed nor unhappy now. My daughter-in-law made life very miserable for me. I can't see my grandchildren who are small. And worst of all, I barely see my son of whom I love very dearly. He was my best friend and sometimes, used to take me for cups of coffee.

    thank you eggie and I am glad you are not depressed and I am so sorry you can not see your son and grandchildren trying preying for her to see the light I will preyer as well so she will mend her ways we have lord ghenisha evrywhere in our house my husband fell in love with India while working away he also belives in the Buddhism thanks again for your info mel

    Thanks, but I don't think things will change, she's a controller. The doctor told me to stay away from her as she will feel more powerful. And if I hang around, things could go really pear-shaped. She is not an Anglo and doesn't understand us.

    Me too had enough - but if he does exist how must he feel?

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