why do my eyes get a blur across them

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    Do you get headaches too at the same brother got blurry vision when having a migraine headache, it's called an aura. If it just seems like separate specks that you get at times and not with associated pain could be something called "floaters" that are harmless...don't realy what causes this to happen but I hear floaters are common....irregardless, if you are having this problem a lot, see an eye may just need an eye exam and/or glasses if you don't already wear them.
    stop smoking that pollen ,dust, work envirerment or perhaps you just might need glasses.. sorry im not an optomitrist

    If it's glaucoma - might want to get a prescription for "that stuff". LOL
    Time to get your eyes checked out. Get yourself over to the Optomitrist.

    something like this requires an opthalmologist. He/ she has an M.D. He takes care of eye disorders and does surgery
    I get this problem after looking at questions on this site.
    The answer is simple, I should get out more.

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