can you be a subject in a sentence

    my father think that you should become a lawyer

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    4 Answers

    Hm...gotta hand it to the kid, that's a fairly ingenius way of getting some tutoring!
    daren, I think that's the sentence she wants to know if "you" is the subject. In this case, I believe "you" is the subject of the sentence. Another homework question.
    Certainly. In 'YOU should do well as a lawer,' YOU is the subject of the sentance, and 'should do well as a lawer' is the predicate.

    He .... is going on holiday
    I ... am staying at home

    in these examples, 'He' and 'I' are both the subjects of their respective sentences. Hope this helps.
    maybe dads right you could save someone from a death sentance

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