Do you ever just feel overwhelmed?

    How do you lighten your heart?

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    I think that many of us go through this periodically. If people get on my nerves I usually lay down and listen to some music (mostly classical) or audio books until I drift off to sleep.
    Sometimes, if it's the work related, I tend to focus more and take care of things better. If it's by feelings of sadness or sympathy so to speak, I would just let it pass by and try to pay more attention to the bright sides of my life. I am an optimistic man by nature!
    I feel overwhelmed sometimes. When that happens, I take a deep breath and choose the easiest problem and take care of that one first. Then I go through the rest one at a time. I always remember, tomorrow is another day and each day there after makes everything easier as issues get taken care of and put in the past. I lighten my heart by knowing "someone" trusts in me enough to know I can handle everything on my plate :)

    love to you my friend.

    Thanks Colleen, these are not things I can fix... Just trying to let it all playout... Maybe a long hot bubble bath would let me disapear for a few mins.

    Bubble baths are the best! If these things are overwhelming you, then they are real and should be fixable somehow I would think.

    No baby.. it is my dad.. He wants to go to hospice becuase he does not want to die at home... I dont want him to be with srtangers.. I am taking care of all of my brothers kids (at different times, for days at a time) so that everyone can visit dad.... Just no down time.

    Take a bubble bath. I'm sending you my phone number. Call me anytime if you just need to let it all spill out. Sometimes that helps ;)

    love you girl.
    Yes, I think it's because thing are beyond my control. It's easy for me to try to force things into working the way I think they should be. It just usually doesn't work.

    It's just easier to understand that most everything in life is out of our control anyway, the best thing we can do is to pray, give it to God, and trust Him to do what's best for all of us. I know you are going through a lot with your dad Jenn, I will remember to keep you and your family in my prayers.


    Thanks Leeroy... I am not down or depressed just tired I think... I know this is HIS plan.. I am happy for Papa that he is at peace with what is happening....

    Good to hear that Jenn.
    OOOHHH YA I guess I still have to go with what I learned, Had a DI that would say you have to reach down deep and drag up some intestinal fortitude.. If I want to quit, whine or cry about something I just stop and thing,, Pull up some intestinal fortitude. And go

    I live on Intestinal fortitude... But the clouds have rolled in and taken my breath away... The Rays of sun light are going to shine down on my face tomorrow...
    I feel overwhelmed for exsample on the news last night there was a man but since he was 9 years old he had been caring for his parents and just gave up school to look after them anyway cut a long story short by age of 16 yrs he started to get help from the goverment and he went back to school and college and went onto Cambridge Uni which is one of the top Uni in the UK and has a degree in Law Wow it blew me away I would like to give this guy a Big hug and this does restore my faith in humanity
    I do :)
    And Ice-cream always comes to mind when it happens. After that i deal with it as best as i can.

    We all know the magical ice-cream, double! ..Lol

    Sounds good.. It was 108 today... Aww Ice cream...
    Just lately I've been falling behind in everything, mostly because of the rain. Also losing interest in just about everything. Patience is thin. Avoiding people when possible. It happens from time to time, trying to shake it off. I'll be partying my buns off later today, maybe that's the answer.
    everyone gets overwhelmed at times.. I sure do.. what lightens my heart is comedy and lovin' on my buddy cat.

    Jen, hang in there, sorry to hear about your dad, but you are doing a wonderful thing for your family. You're already earning your angel wings!

    We saw my dad today... He is so weak... But so strong.. He doesnt want me to leave him.. Iam going down to cream corn for him and mom in a couple of days. Keeping his garden producing is bringing him so much joy (even if he can only whatch us from the window)... He feels like he will still be providing for us.... i love that man!

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