How often is it safe to eat sushi?

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    You might wanna be careful, I would be a little leary eating raw fish.
    I used to eat it several times a week, but like Pam warned,"Make sure you are going to a reputable place." Raw fish must be stored at a certain temperature and most of the better sushi places will pay close attention to this.

    Make sure the restaurant has an A rating, B is very bad which most people don't realize, it's not like the grading scale in school. B is like a D- in the restaurant business, it can also mean that the board of health found rat feces. So an A rating is the only one you want.
    I never eat sushi and I never ever eat Chinese food anymore. We have a name and shame food site in Australia. The worst offenders are Chinese. There are plenty more, Thai, Korean, Indian and the list goes on and on.

    Sushi is Japanese.

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