What state is Toronto in?

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    There is a Toronto, Ohio.


    Yes. But we are talking about the most popular city of Toronto where the Maple Leafs, the Blue Jays and the Raptors are from,lol.


    but that was not asked. Volcane asked what state, not what provence, it was located in. So give TJF the correct answer award. Good job TJF for answering the trick question correctly!

    its in the "province" of ontario . i beleive "province" is the canadain equevelent of "state"


    Provence is a french word used to identify a region of Canada.


    And I learned that when I was in grammar school years ago.


    Province and Canadian.

    I think we all have our weaknesses...some geologically, others mathematically...I would imagine where there is no interest, there is a lack in knowledge in that specific area. We have no right to assume that one is stupid because they don't really care where Toronto is. I am Canadian and have been able to see a lot of different types of intelligence and ignorance on this sight...thank God we are all equal!


    Contradiction. Mom, you started by saying we all have our weaknesses and then in the end you said we are all equal! I don't get that.


    no contradiction, read again, I said we "ALL" have weaknesses and we are "ALL" equal...who cares who has what weakness...that doesn't make us unequal...just different

    Do they not teach Canadian Geography is U.S schools? We learn all about you guys lol


    But that's because you live so close to our boarder - i.e. most of your population is within 300 miles of our boarder!!! If we all lived within 300 miles of your boarder, we'd know Canada too, "A." LOL.
    No, most of the kids today don't know how to read a map, much less the geography of other countries to include cities, provinces, rivers, boarders, etc. Heck, most could not get into a car and drive a thousand miles using a map, compass, and watch, and actually find their way without also a GPS. It's a shame too.


    it makes you wonder they do teach

    I'm only speaking for myself when I say I wasn't implying anyone was stupid for not knowing where Toronto was. But from experience a LOT of U.S schools don't teach a lot if any Canadian Geography.


    As a Canadian,I have to admit that if I were asked about the U.S. I would probably be stumped myself...thats what the internet is so great at your finger tips

    Some of you Americans give the world a reason to think that a lot of you are ignorant. For real. Why? I am from Africa and I knew where Toronto is before I left the continent. It is not surprising that even Sarah Palin,could not answer a question about Africa during an interview when she ran as a vice president to Mr. McCain against president Obama. Come on America, learn about the world for you have been ignorant far too long,thus your stinky attitude. Oh, and I forgot to add that that's why you guys spell centre as center and cheque as check. Isn't that true, America?

    Headless Man

    So we know how to spell, there is a Toronto, Ohio.


    Yes, the question asked what state!!!!! Canada has provinces!!!!! So who is the ignorant one here?

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