how can i tell if a diamond is fake

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    there is a laser test that a jewler can do. If it is a good fake it is really hard to tell with out the lasar... I dont suggest trying to cut glass with it.. you will damage the setting. unless it is a loose diamond.
    you know its fake if you got it from a bubble gum machine.

    That was the funniest I have seen tonight. Good answer. I really got a laugh out of it.
    You can also scratch a piece of glass with a diamond too. The only way I know of to see if a stone is the real deal is to look at it, only diamonds are extremely shiny. Fakes are milky colored inside the stone. But to be safe, go to a jeweler.

    You have it all wrong. If it is milky it is usually a poor quality diamond. If it is shiny (brilliant) and fairly clear and may have slight imperfections, then it is real. The jeweler is the best answer, they can look at it and tell if it is real or not.
    One " take it to a jeweler" two " real diamonds will cut glass"
    I have found several in my life time, strange that I always seem to find diamonds? I just move them across a piece of glass and if they leave a scratch they are real.
    Ms Sinclair

    Where did you find them? Wish I had your luck.

    When I was young I used to clean and install carpet, I found a diamond tennis bracelet worth sever thousand dollars in a vacant house. I pulled the carpet out of the linen closet and it had fallen into the space between the wall and the carpet.

    Another two or three I found when I was cleaning out the tank of my carpet cleaning machine.
    ask the woman in your life they dont lie
    The real "diamond" I know that is not POSSIBLE fake is my sister-in-law. Gosh !! She is very shiny in the outside as well as very milky in the inside. By the way, is anyone interested in a "real diamond"? Likewise Leeroy, I find a real diamond. Lucky me !
    Not all real diamonds are milky in the center. If it is, it is a poor quality diamond. Most diamonds have some tiny imperfections that can be seen through a 10 power loupe. A good diamond is almost flawless and the color is brilliant but even a flawless diamond may have the tiniest imperfection. The best ones are GIA rated then you know that they are real, the are certified. Take it to a jeweler that you can trust and that would be the best way but you will, most likely, have to pay for the appraisal and that usually depends on the size of the stone. Good Luck!
    If you are serious about this, consider taking a class in gemstones at your local community college. I attended a free lecture on buying diamonds once, and learned that the best diamonds have a some kind of authentication etched on a side facet that can be seen under a microscope. Also, diamonds come in a wide range of grades with corresponding prices. It's worth learning the grading system, and getting yourself the magnifying "monocle" that gem experts use, and learning how to use it. Until you gain the expertise, the best thing is probably to get it appraised by a reliable jeweler.

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