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    No. What grade is the child being held back from?
    Not if you kid fails. That's just the way the system works. Dad, Colleen, and Pam are right. If you want to turn your child's life around get him or her some help. Whether it be tutoring from you or someone else, counseling or just having a long talk with your kid.

    I know I didn't understand how my grades would follow me around for the rest of my life when I was a kid. The study habits you make when you are young follow you, once you hit college(if you're lucky enough), you will have a difficult time with bad study habits.

    You education determines what kind of job you will have once you enter the working world, the better the education you have the better profession you most likely will have. This will determine how well you may be able to provide for your children and spouse. It's terribly important for you to nip this in the bud. Hope this helps...
    I agree with COLLEENs statement, but, now I've got to get Washington DC and the BOE here in MD to understand this point. I've got a son (stepson legally) who can't READ, SPELL or WRITE above a 1st/2nd grade level and is 13yo but, I can't get their attention. The state even tried to accuse me of abuse because, I complained about the school and made the child read every day in a attempt to teach him to read. They won't retain and keep pushing him on to higher grade without being able to function at current level.
    dad 59 you need to talk to them about putting him into a reading class, I have about the same problem with my son. he was pushed up though the grades and couldn't read well but when I moved to Norfolk they put him into a reading class and it helped him, he is able to read on a higher grade level but still can't spell very well. He is now in the tenth grade and probably is reading on the 3-4th grade level and spelling is on k-1 grade. Keep pushing for your son's rights. Good luck.
    No, not at all. If the student does not have the points needed to advance to the next grade, then they must be held back. The points needed are set by a government standard. The school can't change that.

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