what is the most populare color?

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    I too, heard it was blue. That's my fav color, and has been since I was 3 or 4. But, I see women here , in the detroit area, wearing mostly black or dark brown. A lot of red tops with black pants. Black is not appropiate for the summer time,---pastels are. But the women, young and old wear it all the time anyway.
    Just today, my neighbor across the street came home from groc shopping looking like a proffessional mourner. Even tho it was 83 degress, she was wearing a black top and black pants.
    red, it's one of my favorite colors.
    country bumpkin

    Pink was my favorite color while growing up but I graduated to red.
    Most Popular Color in the World That's the word from a survey conducted by three global marketing firms that determined blue is overwhelmingly the favorite

    Mine is Indigo... Not quite blue not quite purple.. So I think I am normal....

    If that's what you need to try and prove you're normal, LOL!
    it would have to be green. all you got to do is look out any window,we got green trees, lawns ,shrubs, plants...ect.
    Always thought it was blue that was what I learned in college Blue was the answer and if it was do with sex blue got the vote I do know haow true that one was!
    Blue. There's more sky than there is grass, heh, heh.
    i think the most popular car color in the us is silver

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