who is the most inportant person in the world?

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    here are my choises everyone in the world the president god or my family.

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    I agree, Darci, although He is not a person, but I know what ya mean!
    To me, my kids.
    Me, than my wife.

    Does your wife get on this site? I'm worried...LOL
    ed shank

    My wife is an introvert. Not a social butterfly. Which pisses me off at times, but the good in her outweighs her down side. No, you'll never see her here.

    but Ed, you knew she was quiet and shy when your married her, right ?
    ed shank

    She was quiet at one time. Slowly got mouthy. She still keeps to herself. Has one good friend. A carbon copy of her.

    Ed, count your blessings my friend. She could be the opposite and I am here to tell you that silence is golden. Take it from one that knows.
    besides me, my husband
    My little girl has taken front running now.
    My mother and God
    My Children for sure.
    God is not a person so I won't pick him/IT. As far as most important person personally to me...the answer is me.
    Ms Sinclair

    Damn. Beaten to the punch again. I think that's the most honest answer.

    Well, no, Ms Sinclair. I will die for my kids!

    I know you commented to Ms S but I feel the need to answer your comment schubee. I would die for my boys also but if need be. But if I had died, they wouldn't have had me to raise them. They're quite happy with the way I raised them and have never said I could have done better. If I died tomorrow, I wouldn't be here for them just for advice. When they were growing up, they were most important. Today, I am most important to me because they do not need me to raise them and nurture them anymore. They are grown and quite self sufficient. They are still important to me but I have to take care of me now, that makes me slightly more important.

    I didn't know you have kids. I totally understand what you are saying. My kids are still young, and I might think like you when they are out of my hands in the future, maybe?

    You will. It's best that you do too. This way you will be able to step back, step out an truly let them live their own lives without nagging them ;) I have 2 boys (men now) who I adopted when they were 2 and 4.

    To Colleen, One of the hymns says, ''.... God in 3 persons, Blessed Trinity " ......

    The hymn is wrong. The God Consciousness aka (the Christ Consciousness as the church made it) entered the boy of the man named Jesus, just like it did Buddha, Mohamed and Krisha. All 4 possessed the God Consciousness but this did not make them Gods. They were all mortal men infused with messages from the true God. Mankind built religions around them, made them Gods and destroyed most of the messages they brought and replaced them with their own agendas. All of mankind can posses this God Consciousness once they acknowledge the real God. God is not a person in any way shape or form but His Consciousness (his knowing) can enter all mankind when allowed. This is where your religion has taught you wrong. The true essence that is God is not 3. Only one (as I have been shown). God exists in all but His Consciousness is missing in the most. You however are free to believe what you want :)

    Okay, :)
    to me, it's my 3 cats; b/c they treat me better than my few family members do, and better than my friends.
    Persons, would be my wife & kids.
    My immediate family. If I could only pick one person I would have to say my husband. Then my kids, but I could never choose between the kids.
    Those people whose contributions often go unrecognized.
    some people say it's the pope, and some people say it's the president of teh U.S. Some people say it's their son or daughter.
    Some say it's thier grandchildren.Some say it's God or Jesus
    Colleen beat me to it. I say, me!
    Me! If I don't get that right...everyone in my life suffers!
    I know God/Jesus isn't a person, otherwise I would say God. If we put ourselves first it can be selfish. But, if you have issues that must be dealt with first, sometimes we have to fix ourselves before we can help others.

    Once we have our priorities right usually we wind up putting others before ourselves. Most parents put their children first, many spouses put their partner before themselves. So I suppose when we mature as individuals, we understand that putting others before ourselves is good.
    most important person in the world?are you kidding me? were all important,everyone of us, what is your problem you guy?

    yes we are!

    RIGHT ON !!
    yer "ma of course(your mother she give you life )
    Not me:)
    me. hey hello eggplant & colleen.
    Who's the most important person in the world...well, that would depend upon what you consider to be important and also, your upbringing figures in...if you have been raised religiously such as going to church, believing in all that is in the would probably say God or Jesus...if not raised that way, answers will vary...personally, I think we should be the most important person in our lives as you cannot love someone else until you love yourself...therefore your opinion changes regarding who is most important...(:

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