What are some animals that begin with the letter X?

    Here are some I found:
    Xantis = yak, Xoloitzcuintli = a certain dog, Xenops - a bird from south America

    can you find more?

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    3 Answers

    X-Ray fish
    X-Ray tetra
    Xanclomys - a small mammal from the Paleocene of North America.
    Xanthareel - yellow eel
    Xantis - yak
    Xantus - a bird
    Xantusiidae (family of night lizards)
    Xantus murrelet - a small seabird found in the California Current system in the Pacific Ocean.
    Xeme - an artic fork-tailed gull.
    Xenarthra - mammal in South America
    Xenicidae (family of New Zealand wrens)
    Xenopeltidae (family of reptiles including sunbeam snake- Xenopeltis)
    Xenipirostris (genus of birds from Madagascar)
    Xenops - a rain forest bird from the Americas
    Xenopterygii (order of fishes including clingfishes)
    Xenopus - a frog; toad
    Xenurine - a species of armadillo; a cabassou.
    Xenurus unicinctus - an armadillo native of the tropical parts of South America.
    Xerus - a type of ground squirrel from Africa
    Xiphias - a swordfish.
    Xiphias gladius
    Xiphosuran - a horseshoe crab.
    Xoloitzcuintli - a dog
    Xoni - mystical creature.
    Xylophone Cat- A cat that is only by legend but some claim to have seen it.

    Xenotarsosaurus a dinosaur.


    Good one Raider! Mine's easier to spell (and pronounce). Lol


    courtneey !!

    i wus ganna say that lol x

    X-ray Tetra actually. :)

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