What's your opinion on seat belt laws and helmet laws (motorcycle)

    There is no right or wrong answer here. This is personal opinion. Why are you for or against the two? Also, do you think airbags are dangerous?


    Personally I agree with both when it comes to children. But as adults we should have the right to choose. Our country is suppose to be based on our right to live as we chose as long as it does not hurt another. I see the seat belt law and helmet law as just another form of government control and I feel these laws need to be abolished.

    I do wear a seat belt only because it's law in my state. When riding a motorcycle, I very rarely put a helmet on. I've been riding a motorcycle since I was 11 I believe is when my father brought home our first dirt bike. I've had a motorcycle license since the age of 16. I grew up in NH where there is no helmet law and no seat belt law for adults.

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    I agree with the laws,a car or motor cycle to me is a potential weapon,be it driving or a passenger in one, just that added bit of security by wearing a seat belt gives me some reassurance that i may not be thrown through the windscreen.As for helmets,a suit of armour would be the best protection for bike riders.I heard if motor bikes were invented yesterday,they would not be on the roads today......Too dangerous.
    I personally think the law is ony in effect due to the added cost to the medical system here in Canada for those that choose not to.Ususally the injuries are much more extensive if you happen to survive the accident than if you wore them.I do wear a helmet on my motorcycle and would feel really vulnerable without one. The seat belt I strap on because I'm sick of paying the $125 fine.

    I agree that some states here enforce the laws because of uninsured motorists. When I see it that way, then I get ticked that my personal choice (as I see it) is taken away because of people who make the choice not to insure themselves as a driver.

    Yes, you both are on the right track on this one, medical costs in the U.S. from accidents and even property loss are in the Billions of dollars. I just don't like them telling me to wear something. There is no longer a helmet law in FL though. I think this makes the head injuries go up by about 46% and fatalities by 23% or so.

    I suppose it's better left up to the individual to choose though, that is truly more freedom. Yet it may not be the smartest way to ride.
    ed shank

    I am of the opinion that a helmet should be mandatory. They don't call it a brain bucket for nothing. Go down at eighty and your dead.

    I completely agree with you ed shank...even a bicycle helmet saves lives
    ed shank

    I get so pissed when I see the young ones especially without head protection. The parents can and should be fined if a cop chooses to pursue it.
    seat belts and helmets save lives!

    Do you think it should be personal choice to use them or not?

    hi C, just saw your post, and even though we don't want to wear these things (me included), they do save lives, so I have to say not a personal choice here, I would follow the law.
    My hubby wrecked his bike and broke both his tib and fib on his left leg.... I wrecked a four wheeler and crushed the intire right side of my face. (orbital blow out, shattered check bone and shattered nose.) I think sometimes we make bad decisoins.. What laws in place we dont have that option... So I do agree with helmet laws. I also agree with children or dependant saftey belt laws...
    I've totaled two cars not wearing a seat belt, and walked away without a scratch. I wear a seat belt now because my daughter bugged me every time I didn't put it on, now it is habit. I think it should be a choice, but we should have sense enough to wear it, if not for ourselves, for those who love us.
    I don't ride a motorcycle, but I know two people who didn't wear their helmits and hit their heads. One is a mental midget, and the other isn't much better. One just fell over on his bike doing about 10 mph, and hit his head on a curb. If a person doesn't have the brains to wear a helmit when riding a bike, they certainly won't have them afterwards when they hit their heads from a crash.

    I had a problem occur with my bike one time. No one ever figured out what went wrong but I went down face first into gravel, no helmet and I had no head trauma because of it. I did however break 3 bones in my hand because it got crushed between the handle and the ground. I was doing 55 mhp when I went down.

    Ouch! Thank God your face protected your brain! :)

    Nah, I just have a hard head. It survived my fathers beatings too. One of those beatings involved the peen end of a hammer many times on my head. ;)
    Air bags are a worry if they can kill a kid.I guess I am sitting on the fence about seat belts I have heard good arguments 'FOR' & 'AGAINST'them but I am absolutely positive that a helmet has saved my life on at least 2 occasions.

    Airbags have killed adults too.

    I'm sure they have,I was only being brief.:)

    OK :) I just wasn't sure if you were aware of that fact. Not everyone is.

    Apart from all safety aspects of air bags which is obviously the most important,there is the fact that they can be set off so easily.I believe that some cars are actually disabled once they have been deployed.That would piss me off more than anything.
    Motorcycle Week is in full swing here in NH. Hardly any one wears a helmet, because its not mandatory. I personaly think it schould be. Too many people have been killed or insured on Motorcycle week. I dont like wearing a seatbelt and I never do. Its also not mandadory here for adults, only for children. I dont know about airbags. Never had an accident.

    I use to live in Tilton, right next to Laconia. We had a huge empty barn out back that we let the motorcyclist camp in and around for the week. We had a sign out front, free camping and boy did they come, lol. We would have up to 100 in that barn and in tents all around the property. It was a great time! Never any trouble from any of them. We lived on main street, the direct path to Laconia. We sat out front in lawn chairs and watch them all go by. I never heard of too many deaths during that time. I think I heard of only 2 and that was because they were completely wasted from partying and they shouldn't have been on a bike anyway. With one of them, the accident was so bad I doubt a helmet would have saved him.

    Of course I know where Tilton is. I live close to Laconia where all the action is.I live far out in the woods, so I dont hear them, but I have to pick up chester in Meredith today and the traffic is wild. We did have bikers here some years ago and it was fun. There are accidents and death every year that is because they get careless. If my son was riding a motorcycle I would buy him a helmet. I would have more peace of mind. Thats up to everyone else wether they want to wear one or not.
    ed shank

    I'm assuming in Loudon, correct? Lived there for a while, crazy weekend. They tell me I had a good time.

    Ed, all the action is centered around Weirs Beach in Laconia. I used to hang around there with my friends and family for many years. Just like the quieter life now. They have Races I think in Louden. Never been to one. I saw man once wraped in fur in 85 degree weather and many other unusual people who are not the norm.But most people just come to have a good time.
    I think helmet laws should be mandatory to age 21, then your choice.
    Seat belt the same except for the driver, the driver should be required to be belted to keep control and protect others if an accident happened.

    My opinion for what it is worth is yes seat belts can and do protect people who are to gung ho to protect themselves, so make sure the wearing of seat belts is compulsory. I believe that a vehicle should be dissabled until the belt is fitted ie; not driveable.

    Motor cycle helmets have been proven to save lives and again by being compulsory people are protected against their foolish bravado.
    When I got my bike license in 1949 helmets were non existant, later when they started to come in a lot of us, myself included, said to ride wearing a helmet made you a sissy. Boy am I a lot smarter now.

    Airbags again do save lives, the arguement that a child can be injured by a deploying bag is true to a degree, BUT in Australia a child under a certain age OR height must not occupy the front passengers seat. It is front seat bags that are the problem for children but we have addressed the problem.

    My one reservation with all these safety factors is they may encourage a very small minority to be blase` but dills are dills no matter what.

    As far as feeling "our right of choice is taken away" why don`t we drive on the footpath if that is our choice?

    Being a adult brings with it certain responsibilities include the obedience to rules and regulations that have been put in place to protect us against ourselves.

    The lives saved far out weigh the inconvenience.

    "BUT in Australia a child under a certain age OR height must not occupy the front passengers seat."

    It's the same in the US.

    "As far as feeling "our right of choice is taken away" why don`t we drive on the footpath if that is our choice? "

    Because that can cause us to run people over. Not wearing a seat belt does not cause us to run people over.

    "Being a adult brings with it certain responsibilities include the obedience to rules and regulations that have been put in place to protect us against ourselves."

    This to me says, "safe driver, responsible driving". If everyone did this, there would be no need for a sear belt law. I should have a choice in the matter. Sear belt, no sear belt. It's my life and my right to decide.

    The last accident car I was in was when I was 17 years old and a firefighter had pulled into an over grown path on a back country road to turn around because he got a firs call. He pulled and back right out without looking. He back into the side of my car and sent me through a stone wall. I was not wearing a seat bet. I was not injured. He tried to blame me, said I was speaking. The cops weren't fooled and he got the ticket.

    I am totaly in agreeance with you "safer driver, responsible driver" but unfortunately that is is not the case a lot of the time.

    To show again the world is a small place, when I was in the army I was riding my BSA Gold Flash motor bike home from camp at about 11 o`cock at night.
    I came to a stretch of road that had trees along side when a 3 ton army truck pulled out of the trees and did a U turn in front of me.

    I went down through the gears hiting the skids at the same time(skids read brakes) slammed into the drivers door . Thankfully I had crash bars on the bike or I would have lost my left leg.

    The driver said he had seen my headlight and thought it was astreet light, pretty low street light.
    He promised to get bike fixed and as soldiers do not dob in soldiers I said OK and never reported it.
    Bastard never paid.
    i was a passenger in a car without my seat belt when we got hit. my airbag did not deploy fast enough to keep my head from breaking the windshield. i suffered a concussion and found myself on life support for a week. should of had my seat belt on.
    I personally it "VIOLATES FREEDOM OF CHOICE". I've worked auto crashes an have seen both dead with seatbelts on and off. My belief is "When it's your time to go there isn't anything going to stop it".
    Sorry, but i do disagree with many posts here as would ROSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents who have done major in depth research regarding seat belts / airbags etc...

    I do agree with regulations regarding seatbelt / MC helmets. As far as in car airbags - if i was in an accident it would be nice to know that i had the protection from in car airbags. Research does show that they do save lives. I would rather be hit by an airbag than by my windscreen or the tarmac road. My own son was involved in a very serious accident several years ago (not his fault; ((DUI driver in another auto)) & survived with his fiancee). They were both wearing a seatbelt & airbags were activated. The DUI was killed along with 2 others in his car. Not a good outcome.

    I'm so glad all the safety devices worked for your son and his fiancee. Do you happen to know if the drunk driver and his passengers were wearing seat belts or if that car had airbags?

    Yes the driver (DUI) & his passenger (male) were not wearing seatbelts (heard at the inquest). However, the young girl (18) was wearing her seat belt at the time. The DUI car did not have airbags.

    So the seat belt did not save her. That's too bad and sad for those who rode with the drunk.

    Yes it was a very sad day for all. Did meet families at inquest. My son was hospitalsed for almost 3 weeks with a broken arm, leg and ankle, along with minor head injuries. His fiancee (now his wife & my daughter in law) recieved only a broken little finger and a few minor cuts & bruises.
    We do not live in a "me" world. Everytime someone is injured in an accident "us" pay for it. Medical cost are paid by the insurance company (us) or charity (us). If you want a reality check spend some time in the ER of an major trauma center. Look at the faces on the family/friends of the severly injured or the dead. Seat belts and helmets not only save lives, they save us from living with debilitating injuries or as a vegetable which puts a huge strain on all of us financially and emotionally.

    Sometimes they save lives just enough to leave a person in a permanent vegetative state. I think I'd rather die than to be left existing like that.
    What’s so hard about taking less than 5 seconds to reach over and put a seatbelt on? I'm all for freedom but I don't think we need to start getting ridiculous with it. Sure there have been accidents where people have died wearing seat belts but it's all about where you were hit, how fast you were going and probably a little bit of luck. I was in a pretty bad accident and if I hadn't worn my seatbelt I would've easily gone through the windshield. Seatbelts shouldn't be a choice; they should be mandatory and stay that way.

    Helmets I feel the same way about, though I know how uncomfortable they can be especially in the heat. But there's no way someone is going to convince me that they don't help when worn right. If you've never worn one, had a fall and didn't hurt yourself severely it all goes back to what I said before, it's how you fall.

    Ashleigh! Welcome back! I thought you had abandoned us. You've been so silent! Good to see you and now I'm going to debate your thoughts, lol Just giving my view point, not arguing you. ;)

    What's so hard about taking the time to put a seat belt on....nothing. It's the fact that I do not like a seat belt. It's uncomfortable, distracting when I have to keep adjusting it, every little movement forward and it locks in place like an accident happened. It slides up and chokes you and in an accident, seat belts have been know to keep people trapped in the car while it burns or sinks in water.


    I ride without one mostly. The only time I put one on is if someone nags me to do so or if I'm in a state that requires it. I use to take my fox terrier riding with me. She would lay on the gas tank or sit up on it if we weren't on the highway. I never worried about an accident because I'm a good safe driver. I drive for all the other clowns out there. If you read up, the only accident I ever had on a bike was due to something happening to the bike, never figured out what. Front tire just started shimmying and shaking and wobbling like it was going to fall right off. I couldn't control it, slowing down made it worse so I took it to the side of the road and took it down. My one and only thought was, "Damn, this is going to hurt", LOL. Funny, that day, I had decided to leave my dog home. God watches out for us. I trust myself, I trust God. I don't need the government regulating me like I'm one of the idiots out there killing people. Maybe we shouldn't let so many people have a license and when they get too old to drive, that the license away. You all know the ones I'm talking about.

    hehe, I'm always here creeping in the corner Colleen!

    I guess it all depends on the person then. I don't even notice my seatbelt so I don’t mind it, maybe you should invest in one of these!

    I dislike helmets a lot, I find them very uncomfortable so I understand why people wouldn't want to wear them and I do see where you’re coming from with the whole government thing, but I know if I ever become a parent I would enforce both of these things on my kids.

    "if I ever become a parent I would enforce both of these things on my kids."

    As I enforced them on my kids. As adults, they're free to decide or obey the stupid law.

    I have the above item, it doesn't work. The seat belt still slides or the pad slides.

    I agree, when they become adults they're free to live their life as they please. I don't find the law stupid though. Two girls my age were riding an ATV at my cabin the other weekend whent hey veered off the road and hit a tree, the girl with the helmet survived the one not wearing one didn't. Just something to think about.
    let thoose who ride decide..
    Seat belts i am ok with..

    helmets I have a serious problem with as many 'new' motorcycle pilots think helmets will save theire lives so they are not as careful. having this 'helmet on your head will give false security, also you are not used to having the weight, it hampers vision and on full helmets, it also hampers your hearing. You never hear of riders that had their necks broke because they were wearing a helmet and had a minor accident where their head wasn't even involved in impact.

    I think there should be a at least a choice that 'older riders' with two wheel experience can choose. newer riders with less than 5 years make it mandatory for them..

    I ride, not as much as when younger basically because i hate the helmet, I owned Harleys. to Hondas with a few Yamahas and even a moped. I enjoy the ride, the wind in my hair and the bugs in my teeth.

    I have seen serious motorcycle accidents and in each case, the cyclist IMO was at fault because either he was acting like an idiot or wasn't driving defensibly. When riding, you must drive for everyone around you. If you act like an idiot, you'll go down, its just a matter of time. I don't like helmets!
    Its been proved that on several instances the passenger (s) has either die or has several injuries due to the airbag.

    Do you agree with seat belt and helmet laws?

    Against it ..... absolutely ! I am with you Colleen, one should have the right to choose as an adult.

    What about your children; they have no choice.

    Maz, I said we should be able to choose as a an adult. I did not include the kids. They should wear the seal belts until they themselves become adults and then let them choose what they want.

    As I stated in my question..I do believe children should be in restraints (seat belt or car seat) and wear helmets of passengers on a motorcycle.

    Me too Colleen.
    I've had a time when a seatbelt allowed me to regain control of the vehicle, and another time that one kept me from being ejected from the vehicle and being crushed by it.
    I've also had a couple of times when I was thankful for having had a helmet on. Once when I was just barely able to squeeze under a tree blown down across a back road, and another time when a dog darted out across the road and I ended sliding down it on the side of my helmet.
    Based upon my own experiences, I guess I'd have to agree with the laws for seatbelts and helmets.
    I myself believe in both seltbelts for autos and helmets for motorcycles. Yes I do believe one can be harmed by an air bag but one might be killed or injured the worse without them or seatbelts. Take this from one who did not wear their seat belt and was ejected from an automobile and is here still to tell about it.

    Darn good idea to use seat belts, no doubt. I was in an auto accident and the seat belt saved my butt! I say, right on to safety equipment.

    Do you think airbags are dangerous?

    I do.

    YEs.. as are seat belts.

    You have to be at least twelve inches away from the steering wheel otherwise you can get seriously injured by an air bag. This is why children should be in the back seat. Newer cars are safer airbag wise. The newer airbags are being made with smarter and safer technology.

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