Do you like Jim Carrey ?

    He was the same on Letterman as he is in his movies. I think his new movie is going to be great. All his movies are funny

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    Sometimes I wonder if he is sane.He sure knows how to make people laugh.
    I Like HIs Movies :)
    Brilliant Actor
    Loved him in,"In Living Color," as well as some of his movies, He is just a really funny comedian, and not a terrible actor. He has come a long way in his career.

    Reminds me a little of Robin Willians, creativity wise.
    He can certainly pull some funny faces,i think he is hillarious.
    afraid not -- he's a try hard!
    I'm positive he is insane. But as you say, he does make people laugh.
    you also brightened my miserable morning.

    I'm happy I brightened your day . You should go rent his movie---either " Bruce Almighty," ,or " Lair, Liar "
    i guess he' s proof that being insane can make for a great career!!

    call the movie producers for me! lol

    first you got to be crazy to get their atttention
    Acting is being able to reach deep inside and pull out emotion. If there weren't a trace of nutyness in him he wouldn't be funny.
    Yup, love his movies. He's a crazy man.
    He's great.
    I have mixed feelings. Sometimes I think he is very annoying
    He is alright. He usually overacts. I like some of his movies, Dumb and Dumber!
    he's 1 of my favorite comedians...
    I mainly find him to be goofball annoying.

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