Have you ever met someone famous or well known?

    If so, did you speak to them / were they as you expected etc..

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    As a army instructor of National Service trainees I had John Mellion (actor) Lew Hoad (Wimbleton champion tennis player) Robbie Burns (boxer).

    I have met other so called celebrities but frankly I think they are all just ordinary people and being a celebrity impresses me about as much as a cold shower on a freezing cold day.

    Can`t for the life of me work out all the hoo har, I have my place in the world and they have theirs.
    If I could choose right this minute between meeting the Prime Minister or my grand children
    ? Grandads here!

    On a trip to England to see one of my beatiful daughters I was asked "What are you most looking forward to seeing?" Answer Narrelle.

    Yes totaly agree with you - we are all equal in this life. Fame and wealth is man made & skin deep.

    Thanks Scotty, you are correct no one person is more important than you and the old cliche "No one can make a better fist at being you than you" still stands
    I've never met anyone famous myself but my great grandfather drove a dairy truck in Brownwood, Texas and he picked up two hitch hikers,He didn't know it at the time,but it was Bonnie and Clyde.


    Did they give him a hard time?

    Wow, that's cool.
    country bumpkin

    My grandmother(this was her father) is deceased so I can't ask her any details.
    My uncle was the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia. His wife, who was my aunt, was Patron of the Arts, Does that count?

    Seeing the awnser is from the famous eggplant ... yes!

    Very good Eggy, I'll say it should count

    They are both dead now.

    His name was on all the bank notes. Does that count? The reserve bank belongs to the Government. It's not like your bank which is a fake reserve bank owned privately. Uncle was appointed by the Government.
    I met Charlie Pride, well known black American Country singer. Does that count.?
    I use to help a friend out at her convenience store/gas station. The Harlem Globetrotters use to stop in there a lot. They were fun :)

    Believe it or not, the Harlem Globetrotters still play.

    I always wanted to see them . They came to Detroit when I was a kid, but nobody would take me to see them :-(
    I met Tim Conway about two months ago, a writer-comedian from the Carol Burnett show. I met him before his show, he was funny and very nice, he just seemed like an ordinary nice person.

    I have also met a few Miami Dolphin players, all of the famous or semi famous people that I've met seemed to be just nice people. Maybe it's because I treated them like anyone else I've met? I wasn't making a big deal about their fame, I just treated them as ordinary people. I think they like that.
    I have met many members of the Royal family when i was in the Household Cavalry. Also met in the very early 1970s Elton John & Bernie Taupin (his song writer). I have also appeared on the BBC TV quiz show "The Weakest Link" with well known UK TV host Anne Robinson.
    friendindeed will know what I mean

    Yes, Anne Robinson is well known for her cheeky smile & her wink. She realy is a lovely lady.

    So Maz your from the Uk HI

    Hi, yes i was born & bred in Brighton East Sussex and now live in Yorkshire.
    I have met Princess Di she was very humble and those eyes looked deepn into your soul very nice Lady I also met Elton John at a record company nice chap I have met Omar sharrife and played backgammon with him really nice guy I have met the directour John Hues and telly salavalis I have met alot of pop stars too many to mention they have all been very nice they are just like us with more money!

    Yes good old Elton John. Very small man. Met him many times in Knightsbridge (London) when i was in the Cavalry. Got all his records.
    I have two x-porn stars, one well known writer, and a lawyer for OJ Simpson in my community. Met them all, nice people.

    Did you speak to them?
    ed shank

    We have monthly board meetings and, yes I do talk to them all. Purely social though. Not at all what you would expect. The writer wrote a book and I was a principle character in the book. It was not a good likeness.
    YES, OL SH*T, what's her name ?? the one that sang HARPER VALLEY P.T.A. and YES, I spoke personally to her briefly but, I was distracted by her daughter, Hmmmmmmmm she was so BEAUTIFUL Dang lifes wonders never ends or it's MEMORIES.
    country bumpkin

    I think her name was Jeanie C. Riley?

    Yes, Country Bumpkin your right, I knew someone would know, THANK YOU!
    i met mel tillis,marty stewart,and the guy from he haw that plays the banjo,can't think of his name...this all happened when i was waiting tables at the riverside casino in laughlin,nevada....they were great.
    I met him twice also, once in UK, and in Nashville

    dolly ~ who did you meet? My brother? He has been in both places.

    I met Charlie Pride, twice. Dont know your brother, do I. ??
    I asked Soloman Kalou (famous soccer/football player) once and asked for his autograph. he just moaned at me and pushed me out of the way :L :(
    My brother has about ten pages on google about his books & experiences with nuclear physics. I saw him the other night after the absence of about two years. I just don't know what to say. Nobody could be so very opposite. I was in the wrong end of the gene pool, I suspect.
    Next time I see him I'll ask him an akaqa question: what came before there was anything?
    How can I say that? what is less than zero?
    by the way, HE can't spell. Life has improved for him with the invention of "spell check."

    we may have add/adhd in common but he won't admit to it.
    john legend. his mom used to live across the street from us. we were friends at one time. some people change, some dont.

    have to look up john legend. i know he's famous.

    he is. his mother also is filming a show about their family. i think thats in cal. or new york. her name is phyllis. she lives right here in springfield, ohio. she has abeautiful voice also and is recordin cd.s of her own. must be nice.
    Yes good old Elton John. Very small man. Met him many times in Knightsbridge when i was in the Cavalry. Got all his records.

    Sorry posted in wrong box.

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