why is my life hell?

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    If you could give us more details about why your life is hell, mabye we could help you. is never always great and never always terrible. You might feel right now that everything is going against you but remember that everything goes in cycles and there are good times ahead for you. Also remember that, no matter what is happening in you life, there's an excellent chance that others are going through it also so you are NEVER alone, so speak up and ask for help and get advice.
    It isnt.. It maybe be difficult right now.. But there are manygood things in your life Iam sure.. Where it is the sound of the rain or a cup of coffee.. Find the joy in life and focus on that... Life is what we make it.
    life is what you make it. sometimes you have to make an effort to be happy. let all them worries go. what is worrying going to do for you but stop you from being happy. also learn to recognize what are other peoples problems and leave them there. also dont worry about tomorrow, today has its own problems. half or more than of our worries are just smoke. they dissipate, and we realize there really was nothing to worry about.
    I made some big mistakes in my life and it was hell, I sure made a mess of it.
    But then I though why not give this God a chance, glad I did now life is good.
    Headless Man

    Not great health wise but great soul
    YOU MUST BE POSSITVE PMA all the time eat and sleep this and belive in you self you are better than the way you feel most of us have been where you are you must pull your self out of this neggative look on life it is not healthy look at someone who is worse off than you and this will make you think ! good luck
    I'll just repeat what everybody else said,that is"Life is what you make it" is there any other way of saying it,just be happy,you control your felling,unless you want somebody kick you in where the sun don't shine.Good Luck and have a "HAPPY DAY".There may be sorrow,If you think only you have these problem ,Cheer Up!,were not here for a long time,very short,compare to eternity.GOOD,LUCK.
    Why do you feel this way?
    I wish I could just sit with you.Hear all your problems. If you wanted I would pray with you. If you ask God to help He will hear you. He said 'call on Me all who are heavy laiden and I will give you rest ' He did it for me many times
    No matter what is happening in your life you have to realize life is much like a ball. It falls to the floor but always bounces back up! It is the crappy times that give you strength and character and hopefully the empathy for others when their ball is falling. Take a deep breath, chin always changes.
    If you are not appreciating what you have and what is working you are not focusing on what you want. You are focusing on what you don't want. You become what you focus your mind upon. It is essential for you to accept responsibility for your life. Blaming others makes you a victim!
    Everytime you have a negative thought, turn it around into a positive thought.
    we all have trials and tribulations in life and we have to learn from them but also try to learn as I am trying to do to make better choices in life and I keep telling myself that this too shall pass......
    Because you do not have JESUS in your heart.
    Are you being bullied? If so, take up martial arts, something like Kung Fu. No one ever touched my kids, they did Tae Kwondo and kung Fu. Word gets around. Don't worry about the dick-heads around you.
    Violence begets violence.
    Because we live in the protected part of physical hell. We are experiencing the evils of hell on a grand scale to see if we like it, or not.

    Wake up and smell the roses if you like, just don't touch them or you will find the evil. But first, you have to wake up.
    Teenage angst. Please do not title your questions is the manner you did.

    If you want to see hell,turn on the world news and let them show you country's where it has'nt rained in years so they can't grow food,therefore they starve,seeing that there corupt leaders keeps whatever foods that may come in from other countrys for themselfs.Have you seen the babies with there bellies like basketballs and flys in their eyes,now thats HELL...

    Is it on fire?

    Thanks for putting this question out here for us to contemplate.  My life seems pretty hellish most of the time, too.  There are lots of disappointments, challenges beyond my abilities, heartaches, and countless jabs coming from all directions.  The good stuff lasts about as long as a soap bubble, then vanishes, leaving what amounts to a teardrop behind. (that was so poetic, I may have to run with it later on my own).

    This life of mine IS hell, and I DO have Jesus in my life, in my heart, and as my salvation. So, what keeps me from drowning in this hellhole of an existence is God's promise of eternal life in Heaven.  Jeremiah 29:11 also keeps me going.  It helps me remain optimistic and hopeful, in spite of all the garbage that runs through the river of my life, polluting it with stuff that might pull someone under.....I say my anti-depressant keeps my head above water, but I have to do the treading faith keeps me going/treading.

    My pastor tells me that this life on earth is the only hell I will ever know because when I die at the end of it, I will find myself in Heaven.  I really hope you explore the gift God has for you in the form of Jesus Christ (forgiveness, salvation, eternal life,  for starters).  Life will still be difficult and disappointing too much of the time, but it is so much easier to tolerate when you know you are trudging through it with JC by your side. (and I am NOT a fanatic or extremely knowledgable Christian, just someone who knows she wants to stumble through this life with Christ)


    Hey!Bob/PKB,I totally agree with your ans,this life is hellish,but you know the saying "dying is easy it's the living that hard"

    Hi Facebook, and I totally agree with YOU as well!

    life  what you make of it 

    Hey shattuck, a few months have passed since the question so I have to ask if things are a little brighter for you. I really hope things are working out in your life, you deserve to be as happy as me;)

    Every one generates their own circumstances by what they think.  For the only power that Spirit has in this world is the power of thought weilded through men.  Thinking is creative therefore so is Spirit creative.  This gift of Spirit, of all the animals, was gifted by God to man alone, reflected by his freewill.  Therefore by ones own thoughts, in ignorance or knowledge does one create ones own joy or sorrow.

    Thus is ones situation or circomstances the direct result of what one has thought throughout  ones life up to this present time.  If one is happy one is doing it right.  If not one has but to change ones attitude and outlook on life, only then will better circumstances emerge; happiness be realized.  Therefore be good, be well, think a good thoughts create a perfect condition.  For every thought great or small has impact.  ;-)    

    what does "complex" mean? lt depends who u ask. An engine ear will say its a group of built structures adapted for local use.Sheik Spear wd say elaborate or intricate.psycologists say its a mental fixation or obssession on some identifiable thing or issue.

    lt seems to me in a sense that if an architect had an elaborate fixation about intricate building complexes and if this fixation was complicated then he has a complex complex complex complex!

    A fire the other night claimed the lives of a mother & 5 of her children here in Brisbane.The father who escaped is left with 2 daughters.In total 11 lives were lost in that fire.That is hell for that poor family.Don't concentrate on your own problems so much.There is always someone who is doing it a little bit tougher.Try to look at what you have rather than what you don't have.

    what does "complex" mean? lt depends who u ask. An engine ear will say its a group of built structures adapted for local use.Sheik Spear wd say elaborate or intricate.psycologists say its a mental fixation or obssession on some identifiable thing or issue.

    lt seems to me in a sense that if an architect had an elaborate fixation about intricate building complexes and if this fixation was complicated then he has a complex complex complex complex!

    Because you think it is!



    Indeed, Benthere, for Spirit is Life, Life is the very Presence of God, whether realized or not.  The Spirit is His ever present Power; His Divine Will, freely given to  man, reflected in man in understanding or by his ignorance.  Indeed, God has given His children all power by thought, focused or idle.  The wayward,  possessed, haunted by the ego of personality, the pretender, this is Hell.  They have yet to come to the realization of this Divine Awareness found only with.  Let them receive it who can.  Amen 

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