How much free time do you need?

    By that I mean time away from your spouse, and friends, just to clear your mind and forget everything for a while.

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    why you like to clear your mind of people who love you i like to clear my mind of people i dislike

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    I really need it. I have no time for myself. I wish I could take the time off, but it's almost impossible with kids. And my wife is a kind of woman who needs to know where I am and what I'm doing at every minute.
    ed shank

    I can relate to the wife thing.

    schubee iknow what you mean but let me tell you if your wife dont care and she isnt worry about you love left you
    A few hours of free time for myself, sometimes a little less time, depends on how I feel and/or feeling.
    ed shank

    What I find interesting is that It's not just me. Glad to see that you all need the same "Space" from time to time.

    relaxation and rejuvenation we all need to do some of the time...
    I ussually have wat too much free time.. The quiet is deffening. Now a break from chores would be a welcome change.
    Not a lot. I work from home and my wife works 40 mile from home. After a day on my own I look forward to her comming home
    My life is free time, interrupted by moments of people attempting to power over me and put me under their bondage.

    I take it when I want it.
    I find that I need at least two days a month, not back to back. My wife knows when it's time to back off. I just don't want to see, hear, talk to anyone. Cell phone, shop phone are shut off. I have a small apartment above the shop and I basically hide there till my mind unscrambles. I run into the house, hopefully unseen, have dinner and sneak back to my hiding place.

    Try a hour or two everyday :-)
    ed shank

    With my schedule, I just don't have the luxury of doing that. I pray for blackouts at time, so I can't run the equipment.

    Try 10, 15, or 20 mins as often as you can between schedules to help relieve the're functioning on overload :-)
    when I need it I just take it
    I would like to have about 2 hours a day just for me. Time to think, meditate and do a little art work.
    I worked for years, am retired now, and am busier than I have ever been.
    ed shank

    Me too,not enough hours in the day to get my stuff done. So much for retiring.

    Thanks for your comment. At least now I can do what I have to do when I want to do it and not live on a schedule someone else makes for me. Also, If I were working when would I have time to do Q&A?
    ed shank

    Good point. I think you gave me a TD by accident perhaps.
    I go for a long walk., dont watch TV for a day or two, and listen to music. I do this at least once a week.

    Yes Ann walking is so good for a break. Enjoy creation and relax..
    do you honestly have a calendar big enough..

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