Do you say "bless you" when someone sneezes?

    Why do you think we do this?

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    Yes I do and according to my grandmother when one sneezes the heart stops for a fraction of second and one is dead. So she used to say it

    your grandmother gets a thumbs up. she may not be right but it's interesting. next time i sneeze i'll try and take my pulse. : )

    Itsme, I had a good laugh at your comment. That was good. Thanks !

    yeah, actually varon, I heard the same thing that the heart stops, don't know if it's true.

    Thanks Bevs, now I know my poor gramma wasn't insane.
    Yes I'll say " Bless You" or " Gazuntite", which is the same as saying " Bless You".
    yes, after i hand them a tissue.
    I dont know why but yes I always do I think it comes from your mother she always said it so I say it wierd a
    If we didn't when I was a kid we would get,"The Look" from our parents, manners was an extremely important lesson in my household growing up. My mom used to receive compliments on how well behaved and mannered her children were.

    When a young person say's,"God bless you" to me, it sometimes blows me away because of how rare it is these days.
    I am Italian, we say Salute'..
    ed shank

    I'm not Italian but I say the same thing.


    interesting, have never heard Salute, like that.

    Maybe because you're not Italian decent??? It's more like ah-salute'. Seems to me I have heard this since i was a child. Italians also say this word when toasting each other over a drink, usually wine.

    No I get as far as possible,don't want those germ.


    I might ans wrong? I do say God bless you.

    yes i do

    Yes, do you know why? I do.

    My answer would be the same as varon, I was always told you were momentarily dead so the "bless you" was to ward off evil until you came back to life.

    Did you know the covering a sneeze with yor hand is less hygenic than letting it fly all over the place?

    The droplets dry on contact with the air so dead germs. If you cover you sneeze with your hand the germs are kept alive longer by the warmth of your hand so you touch someone you pass the germs.

    This is true but I cover my sneezes as I would get weird looks if I didn`t.

    We don't say that in Hong Kong.  We say, "Don't bark!" teasingly.


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