Why do red colored cars fade more than other colors ?

    When I see a badly faded colored car it is usually a red color.

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    the pigment used to make the colour red is not impervious to ultra violet from the sun, but cars made in the last 10 years you will noticed a vast improvement in painted red cars, modern technology has help with the fading. it is not only paint that has this problem but anything that is red in colour being plastic,metal or woven materials.

    Many thanks bulletman I think you are right about the fading of red items. I have noticed that fire buckets at filling stations which are plastic and were originally red have now faded to pink. Also the plastic buttons on my car safety belt anchor points have also faded to pink. As you say it must be something to do with the wavelength of light.
    Good answer bulletman, I bet the paint companies would pay millions for the ingredients of ancient Egyptian paint. Even with our technology we still can't make paint as good as they could thousands of years ago...

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