What is the origin of the word "bloke"

    The word, bloke, used to describe a male human

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    I found this on the web

    The word bloke was first used in 1851 when Henry Mayhew recorded London street talk. Bloke replaced chap, and is now being replaced by guy and dude.
    That bloody bloke is my mate!

    I don't know if this bloody bloke had his ass kicked and he's bleeding all over the street and he's a matey so he's gay too.. a bloody gay dude got his arse kicked

    In USA english is the above translation.

    I think it means

    That idiot is my friend.

    Why did you beat up a gay? It's a wonder you like me for the fact you use gays as something bad.

    No bad innuendos there, I connect 'mate' with intimate relationship and i connect bloke with male.. So, 'my bloke mate' means my gay friend. I have nothing against gays or lesbians, you know that.. :) But like other hetro males, we like to watch lesbians having fun.. LOL
    ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from Shelta

    SHelta: an ancient secret language used by Irish and Welsh tinkers and gypsies, and based largely on altered Irish or Gaelic words.

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