Do You Like Musicals?

    If so, what are some of your favorite ones? Some of mine are West Side Story, South Pacific, The Sound Of Music, The King And I, and Hans Christian Anderson.

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    i thought you meant stage musicals anyway i loved the musical 'HAIR' absolutely brilliant live. in the cinema i would say 'THE SOUND OF MUSIC'.
    Ms Sinclair

    I meant stage or screen. I love Hair too.
    'Paint Your Wagon' Good music & funny too.

    I forgot about that one yes very funny
    I love musicals. I've seen, the staged ones, Cats, Mama Mia, Miss Saigon, The Music Man, The Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, Les Miserables, Jesus Christ Super Star, Greece, Guys and Dolls.......I'm sure I'm forgetting some. Whenever I go to NYC, I make sure one evening is for a musical.

    Love your choices Schubee. I do NYC often and enjoy the Broadway scene.
    I love musicals too... last one I saw was Spamelot, broadway. You find yourself leaving humming and singing "always look on the bright side of life, du dum, du dum, du dum, du dum!

    I'd love to see that! Are you curious about the
    Book of Mormon? Its supposed to be the best one in a
    long time.

    yes I am, saw a snippet on the tony awards, it looks good!
    Neat question. I'm a composer and I've written a few musicals. One of
    my favorites is Three Penny Opera. I also like Cabaret and Chicago.
    I'm not an Andrew Loyd Webber fan but Robert Wilson has done some
    interesting things which are worth looking into.
    My favorite of all times is "Fiddler on the Roof" I also like WestSide Story, Oklahoma, The Sound of Music, and of course The Wizzard of Oz.

    oh Ann this is one thing we dont have in common! xx

    Mel, I think it is more a cutural thing.
    Looks like I'm the odd man out. On stage musicals are pretty cool once a year. Generally speaking I don't care for them. Wife is constantly in the city (NYC) at a musical.
    cats maybe. I love "Memories"
    For out and out creativity I can`t go past "Stomp"
    "The Lion King" is fantastic"

    Oklahoma was good value as was Paint Your Waggon.

    I know South pacific was a raver but I can`t say it did it for me. I got tired of "Across A Crowded Room"
    ed shank

    STOMP, absolutely fantastic.

    Agree with you ed shank, I saw Stomp on the West End in London on one of my trips from OZ land.
    ed shank

    I'd love to see it again.

    Me too ed Have seen Lion King twice, fabulous.

    Me too ed Have seen Lion King twice, fabulous.
    yes. the wizard of oz, sound of music, hello dolly,i like that scarecrow, never did find out where they got ding a dairy!lol.
    Ms Sinclair

    I knew I forgot to add one when I posted this question. I love The Wizard Of Oz too. Have you ever seen Wicked? I thought that was very good as well.
    Beauty and the Beast the movie
    Sound of music and The wizard of OZ

    Thank you for the thumb ups
    I liked Cats Hello Dolly, West Side Story
    Evita - South Pacific - fiddler on the Roof.
    I'm a "Phantom of the Opera" and "Les Miserables" lover.
    no never liked them
    No I don't, and music is my business, go figure.. What is really ironic is i don't even like to listen to music as i drive.. And I am a professional musician.. By trade!

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