Hey Baby Boomers what was your favorite car ?

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    Hello and how are u Doing Today..???

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    corvette and mustang

    I always loved the vette, my dad bought and still owns a 1964 Pony

    any year is fine with me :-)

    Hi Pamela was it red corvette! lol

    Silver corvette, black mustang, Mel! lol

    Hi Pamela it was the song Red Corvette but silver wow and black Mustang who sure were the bees knees!!!Was the Mustang a V8 engine! lol

    The mustang is a 4-cyl which I still own. lol
    My momma tells me I was conceived in the back of a 1957 Chevy so I have a fondness for them.
    Had a '56 Dodge Kingsway Coronet when I was a young bloke.It was about my 6th car.Auto trans,power steering leather seats,factory tinted windows.How's That for a '56 model.
    the car i drove as a teenager, now don't laugh was Datsun 1600
    country bumpkin

    I'm laughing! Don't feel bad, my first car was a Grimlin.

    Bulletmen mine was a 1930 Morris Isis Roadster so don`t feel too bad about the datsy, He He Ha Ha , oops sorry about that.

    well peoplelover my very first car at sixteen was a 1949 austin A40, it would not blow your hat off.a typical english car, 3 years later i bought a datsun 1000, i could not afford a 1600 at the time but i got my pride & joy 18 months later. looking back on it a SANDMAN would have been more practical as far as girls go!

    country bumpkin what make is a Grimlin?

    My first car was a 1938 Morris 8 hp Tourer.
    I got it when I was 14 for 20 Pounds (AU).

    I had a friend who drove a Gremlin, Bulletman.
    the pontiac exported to the u.s. -- the muscle car is back.

    My favorite was my 73 nova ss.Had too sell it 2 years ago when my wife left me.



    That was the car I took my driving test in 1973,a brand new one and it did'nt have power steering in it and I missed the 1st time trying to park that thing,but they did give me another shot at it right away and I got it in there with sweat rolling off my lip.
    Mustang. I'm still a Pontiac nut though. It was the first new car that I bought in 1968.

    The first car that I bought was a two year old 1970(half year) Firebird, wish I still owned it. Some drunk rear-ended me and the mechanic put the letters back wrong, so I was the only owner of a 1970 PONITAC! lol We now own a 1966 Mustang (red), Model A Roadster and 1916 Overland. We are car nuts!

    ""               A 1970 PLYMOUTH GTX, I LOVED THAT CAR !!!!!

    To Spaceghost...nice!

    1967 Mustang fastback but I don't think I am technically a Baby Boomer so ignore...i still love that car.


    That was my very first car, a red Mustang Fastback, with fold down back seat, 289 cubes and automatic trans, I loved that car !!!!

    Mine was a TR7 in yellow


    TR7's was a cool car. lol!

    Thanks Pamels Yes I did feel very cool in that car I drove it all over Europe I think I would have lived in it if only it was bigger two seats and that was it :-)

    My two favorite cars I bought new

    1. 1966 GTO

    2, 1969 Plymouth GTX

    I've had many cars in my life, most of them i bought new, those two are my favorites..  I am a car nut, I have a corvette now that rarely do I take it out, its all about shine! And as a true conservative, I also have a Dodge Magnum Hemi.. No Prius  for me!!  I take power over flower anyday!!

    salvage man

    did not buy new but i still have 68 gto factory 4 sp car bought in 81 also have a 74 pont sd 455 ta and others

    ^8 is when GM made their body change, beween the two I mentioned above, I also had a 68 Buick GS 400-- Wasn't on my favorites list but being it was a vert, it was quite a chick getter.. :) In 1984 I picked up a red 84 T/A, 5 spd, it had a 305 in it, looked cool but it was a dog class.. sounded good though.. :)

    VW 1300 in 1967.

    cobra and the new 2 seater cattis

    I'm not quite a baby boomer but, I've owned 3 1968 Firebirds and a 71 Mach 1 Mustang those are two of my favorite cars. But there were so many great cars between 65 and 73... 71 had, in my opinion the best Chevy Corvette and Camaro. Also Chrysler had a great Charger and Challenger. Olds had a nice Cutlass and 442.

    My favorite Chevelle's are 68 and 69's and the sorry low battery on the lap top......

    "" Nowadays, I ride in my methane powered toilet.

    Mercedes -- None other. I had a real old one with a glow plug and Diesel engine. It was green and scaling paint.   I called it Alligator.  I didn’t think it would sell but when the ad appeared in the paper we got A LOT of calls.  It was not my idea to sell it. Caused a family war.  Years ago.

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