Does your tv seem to get louder the later it gets out night?

    I dont change the volume but it seems so loud the later it get... Why?

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    1978 the broadcast advertising act was passed, reviewed several years afterwards, this entitles advertisers the right to increase the volume of commercial to gain attention from its viewers. They have pushed this increase of volume to the max.. The argument is that it is no different than having very bright colors in a commercial.
    In December 2010 the President signed the CALM Act into law, the action on the loud commercial front shifted from Congress to the FCC. The CALM Act, intended to lower the volume (or more accurately, the “loudness”) of commercials on television, did not itself change any rules. Instead, the Act merely instructed the FCC to change the rules. To move things along quickly. 6 months later, nothing has been done about this 'new law'..

    I think at night you may 'think' the tV is louder possibly because normal daytime distractions and noises are absent. I know that during the day or when around loud noises, the ear will tighten up, become less sensitive to protect itself. many time in the morning, I turn on the TV and I am surprised at how loud i had it set the night before. We hear better in the morning after our ears have had a rest.. The ear is a mechanical machine.

    brilliant....never knew this, what next commericialised clouds
    I haven't notice that. But I know it gets louder every time a commercial in on.
    Maybe it's because everything else around you gets more quiet because people have gone to bed.
    Unrelated notable:

    I like to watch the 'History channel' I really am annoyed when there is narration with music background and the music is louder than the narration. This happens all the time!

    So true.. the military chan. is the same way.
    yes it does the volume increases to offset the neigbors.........
    Very annoying, contacting the stations probably would do no good.

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