Need help on buying flowers for someone who lives in another state

    Need help on buying flowers for someone who lives in another state.
    I'm trying to send someone flowers for their birthday and they live a state away! i also want to send them anonymously. i live in ohio and am sending them to michigan so i was wondering if anyone knew of any flower shops that are in both ohio and michigan? i wanted to go into a shop and order them instead of online so if anyone could shoot me some help it would be great.

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    Good question.

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    Well the only way I can think of that you can do this is by FTD service. They are online and are kind of expensive, but I think that if you tell them you wish to send them anonymously that they honor that and tell whomever asks that they are not allowed to give that info out. Just my best answer that I can think of.

    the cheapest way for you to order flowers for someone in another state, is to find a florist online and call their toll free number and place the order with them directly. (avoiding the service charge) But, if you're not comfortable doing that, then just visit your local florist and place the order with them. They will call the order out for you.

    have a look on the internet order them through there near were they live preferabl and send them annomously

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