God is going to punish us, because with dont believe in him?

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    Thanks ever so much for bringing this subject up, Im sure you will be thrilled with the result.

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    God is not interested in robots, but He wants us to love and serve Him of OUR OWN FREE WILL.
    You can argue all day with some people and get nowhere, I believe in the Bible and I have a link that shows the uniqueness of it and no one has convinced me it's not.

    I was a sceptic at one point in my life, but I had a mother that prayed for me daily and God put me in a place in my life so that I ask if He was real to prove Himself to me.
    He did and slowly made me the man I am today, I have a personal relationship with Jesus you can't understand unless you accept Him and I have had the Holly Spirit tell me when I'm wrong and let me know what I need to do to make things right.

    My testimony you can't take away from me you can tell me all day you don't believe but you can't prove with words what I know from experience.
    I think a simple way to put it is,"God loves us all." Whether you believe or not He patiently waits for you to look Him up. What happens when you die is up to the decisions you made in life.

    God loves a sinner that repents. But we are rapidly reaching a judgement period when he means to destroy the wicked. So now is the time to seek or reseach what is his definition of wicked.

    I'm with you, leeroy!

    Thanks guys...
    Jesus said ' I am the way ' He is the key.
    Have you ever tried to find out who he is, or what his purpose is?

    God apparently Loves children.

    I just wanted to say that people think they will be punish if they refuse the words,that difference from not knowing the words,I think God can forgive those that have not heard the words.

    God forgives us and loves us unconditionally whether you are christian or not, atheist or believer.

    Please read Hebrews chapter 11.
    Faith is what pleases God but faith based on accurate knowledge.
    There is no future in a cedulous faith of in disbelief. If you would please God you must do your due dilligence.

    Kind regards,

    That is from your belief. I follow the teachings from my church. ;-)

    Schubee thats why you are getting it wrong! The churches are getting it wrong all the time.
    Start reading your bible.

    Ok, after readIng the bible, then my church? LOL
    Tradition not scripture has labeled Mary Madelene a prostitute.
    Under Mosaic law the penalty was death.
    But Jesus said 'let him that is without sin cast the first stone.'

    There were no takers. They all knew they were sinners before God.
    Likewise there was Rahab the Harlot who protected the two spies who came to inspect the city of Jericho. She was spared when Jericho was destroyed!

    King David committed adultery and maneuvered an unsuspecting husband into the thick of the battle so that he was destroyed. as a result he lost his son Absolam. But after earnest repentance he was restored to Gods favour.

    So what was the common factor?
    It was there sincere repentance to turn from what is bad and to good especially to those whom God already favoured.

    Please read Hebrews 11.


    "Mary Magdalene” is in the bible.
    "Mary Madelene” is on face book and I don’t think she will be pleased when I tell her you said she is a prostitute. Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned.

    It is a official Catholic teaching Robert.
    The bible does not comment on the reason for the self righteous Jews wanting to stone her.
    There is no such person/thing as God. God was invented by primitive people to explain what was largely unexplainable.
    God is also a product of human "ego" so much so that God is
    given human attributes,referred to as "He".

    Brilliant! May you and Bestway live happily ever after.

    Religion did that. The idea that God created Adam in his own image, so people think God looks like us. Religious people needed a figurehead, a symbol of God so they could truly believe in the unseen so they took a man and made him God (Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha,Krishna). The creator is actually the IT. An energy of love and without gender. No mouth, no ears, no eyes, nothing with which IT can condemn with. IT is the infinite ocean of love and mercy. IT knows only love. You can't see IT, you just know IT's there.

    Great Answer!
    if god can accept us just the way we are why cant we accept each other just the way they are.....
    Justice and mercy were determined a long time ago. Which will you choose?
    If you don't believe in him, how can you imagine that he'll do anything to anyone?
    I do not believe that God or gods exist.
    I have tried to believe but failed.
    I therefore have two choices:
    Pretend that I believe- pointless because if God exists He will see through my pretence.
    Continue to live as a non-believer as I have for over 50 years without any problems that I could attribute to lack of religion in my life.

    I accept what you said your entitle to your believes
    but would it be to much to ask? have you ever read the Bible?
    And so what is it that your afraid of?what have you got to loose?

    Yes, I have read the Bible but have obtained little from it other than confusion. It is full of contradictions, even the Gospels which often contradict each other and sometimes even themselves.
    Look for example at key episodes in Jesus' life, his birth and his death- they might be describing two different people.

    I understand your frustration, because I have been there myself but that was many years ago. However since it is impossible for God to lie, the problem is with human thinking and reasoning and lack of accurate knowledge.

    If you seriously want to know you need to fing a qualified teacher. He/she will probably knock on your door and show you somthing from the bible. Instead of rudely slamming the door in their face like some on this site would do. Ask the for a copy of a book called, "What does the bible really teach?"
    During his life, before his birth and after his death Jesus fulfilled over 400 prophesies in proof of his Messiahship. That would be a pretty good trick for an imposter.

    Hope this helps
    But you will need to exert yourself.

    I dont know what god you are talking about, but god is not a him , but a her. She told me that.
    Did God punish the thief on the cross, or the woman caught with a man? No! Jesus said, Today you will be with me in paradise, and Go and sin no more. He came to demonstate God's will. He who asks us to forgive 70 x 7, how could He do less?

    That is partly true.
    A better translation would read;
    "I say to you today, you will be with me in Paradise."
    The evil doer will be rewarde because of his faith not because of the evil he did. The translators put a comma in the wrong place.

    No, learn translation rules. You put the comma in the wrong place. "I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise," is the correct translation.
    Jesus went to Abraham's bosom when he died, which was Paradise, to retrieve those righteous people from the the OT. This is in complete context with the above verse.

    "paradise, and Go"

    There should be no comma. The "and" acts as the comma. This is like a double negative but a double comma instead.

    (If you're going to be arguing about comma placements, that is.)

    Colleen , you should see what Bestway said about our friend Mary Madelene who is on Facebook. scroll up to Bestway.

    lmao!!!! That's too funny and he didn't even catch the mistake.

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