What is the most unbelievable aspect of Christianity?

    This question is asked by my son, In his World History, he is just finishing a unit on world religions.

    Thanks for your responses.

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    BAH HIYA, DON"T blame Jehovah for Human stupidity. People DO these THINGS. GOD"S Forgiveness's just lets YOU GO YOUR OWN WAY ! Dumb ASS...


    NO DOUBT "Ba-hiya" thinks HE"S a God... Judging GOD. NO DOubT a Muslim


    La bible es state scritte 300 anno dopo criste Qui mi po dire che no l'a transformato com in 1500?


    The most unbelievable aspect of Christianity is that Jesus came back from the dead! Yet, the proofs of it are well written by wittnesses. That Jesus existed is confirmed by many non Scriptual sources. He did more to change the course of mankind including restarting the calandar world wide. He never wrote a book or traveled out of his country. He fullfilled most ancient Hebrew or Old Testament propheses about the Messiah. And Christians are awaiting anxciously for his return.

    Hope this helps,


    Winson Fraal

    Christianity is derived from, based on and rooted in judiasm - it is described in Matt "it is not meet to take from the childrens mouths and cast it to dogs" : "the dogs eat the crumbs that fall off the masters table" : note the 'dog-collar' worn by christians. It is a mockery created by the jews, I binned it.

    cogito ergo sum

    what a joke knowledge is. lack of knowledge would be more appropriate. jesus did not fullfill the conditions for a messiah prophesized by the old testament prophets. try reading the hebrew version of the old testaent and not the king james version and then maybe you will have the knowledge to understand why the jewish religion does not accept jesus as the messiah.


    That each one of us is an individual, unique expression of God.


    The most unberlivable is that it all happened openly and before a very small group of time (miracles, ten commandments, and the lot, in the presence and view of a small handfull of people. Then it was over not to be repeated in this way again.

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    Tell your son to ask the teacher to explain the most unbelievable aspect of Athiestism first. I'll be that never comes up does it? The progressive school systems in this country are out of control and this is just another way to bring up religion in order to discredit it. And don't you doubt it.

    For me the most difficult thing to understand is the trinity.. But that too I accept in Faith.


    First we'd need to agree that Jesus did exist in some form. I think you, lalapoe, would since you make the point that "Jesus was his slave." If we have enough "faith" to believe historical data that Jesus did live on Earth, then the search must continue. Next we would discover some differences in Jesus and other prophets. The documented miracles, rising from the dead, and a physical resurrection (with eye witnesses)are some of the more popular arguments. Add to that though, that unlike old testament prophets Jesus said himself that he was/is God.


    would it not be easier to have the same faith as the previous prophets who used to worship god alone without any partners? 1 god, 1 creator. Self-Sufficient no need of any creation. he begets not nor was he ever begotten. there is non equal to him or comparable to him. why would he need a son if he is self sufficient. he is high above his creation. and jesus was his slave and messenger just like all the other prophets and messengers.

    The most difficult thing to understand is how a religion predicated upon love and forgiveness has been the cause of such pain, suffering and bigotry over the centuries and sadly continues to be so today. Would the world be a better place without religion? Hard to say, but probably...



    Spot on anonymous. You have the answer. : )



    @ Imsmartnsoru, it's all in the context or how you view a word. Take good vibration and replace positive energy with it and bad vibration and replace negative energy with it. Good vibration brings good things and happy souls. Bad vibration brings bad things and depressed souls. Will you immerse yourself in the good vibration or the bad? Positive energy and negative energy is just another way of saying good and evil. Pinpoint viewing will only see the magnet.


    This is the evidence of literalism, traditions, fundamentalism, dogmatism, brainwashing since birth, fed from birth to men like mothers milk. These sufferings are not of God but of the ignorance of men and the world.


    . . . for God is not from without but from within.


    "Negative energy will always manifest something" Just read that again. Negative is opposite of POSITIVE,IS it not? Positive has all the energy so that would mean, being opposites, negative has no energy. Negative understood means nothing, no energy, no power, simply put, nothing does not exist. If nothing does not exist,so how is "it" able to create anything, let alone something when "it" does not exist? Poitive on the other hand "IS" all powerful, opposite of what does not have power, what does not exist nor can it create. How can "nothing" create? So THE Creator must be all positive, no?


    Missed a"s" in positive}. So the CREATOR being ENGERY {CAUSE} must be the created, the something, the effect. 1st. comes CAUSE then comes effect, matter. Simple put: {Once again} E= MC squared. E being energy, THE CREATOR, THOUGHT equals matter, molecules. Thought equals physical. Your are right tho, we live in a world that believes just what you stated, nothing creates something, effect comes 1st, "Cause" comes 2nd. Matter came 1st, THE THOUGHT{Positive ENGERY} came 2nd.That IS what we humans believe without a shadow of doubt. You could not have said it any better. How true, how true.


    Moral of the story: ONLY GOD THE CREATOR EXISTS, NOTHING ELSE!!!! I can say it over and over, this isn't something I made up, I'm just not that smart. Jesus, Einstein, Socarties, Arosotal(you know who I mean,I can't spell), Gondi and a like. And you can find more in the set of books, which some find EVIL called "A Course in Miricales" It's not for everyone, that's why it's called"A" Course and not "THE" Course. If you like Dr. Wayne Dyer, he explains it in a way you might like.


    I'm not preaching, believe me when I say that, I'm just like everyone else. What I'm trying to put out there is "If you don't like things about your life or the world you see and experince, simply , and it's not simple at all, CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, that's why "ACIMs" came about. It will give and explain what our thoughts are, where we learned these thoughts tells whatour thoughts should be, to find Inner PEACE is it's only claim, but I will tell you it will do much more. This book Can't be Misinterputed, impossible. It means exactly what it says. Again, you can choose a life of pain n misery


    or LOVE, FORGIVE,which also means forget,just"LET IT BE".Share, don't judge others, because you just don't know.You n I alike KNOW NOTHING! Wehumans have opinions based on NOTHING. That's why we see the world this way, death n destruction, pain n dispair, we collect objects believing we r better then our brothers, because we collected more.I have more money,"I'm better than you."I have more cars than you,they shine and go fast, so I'm better than you n I'm happier than those who don't have all these objects. Can't we all see the insanity of thinking this way?I love my cars but deny GOD. OK


    I choose this name,"I am smart and so are you", because I try to live my life "We are all Brothers". We all make mistakes . We are ONE. I try not to hate. When I think hate I ask myself," Why do you choose to hate? Why do you hate yourself? Is that not insane, to hate yourself?" Then in my prayers, I ask "HIM" , Father , why do I hate , please replace these thoughts with LOVE. So be it, consider done. and do you know what? In no more than maybe a half hr. I'm not hating anymore and I find a smile on my face, depression stops, and something good comes my way, maybe I meet a really nice person.

    Headless Man

    Correct, GOD fills the hole in your heart, the hole that only HE can fill.


    well said. Science has also become like a religion in today's world, as the old religions die out. Negative energy will always manifest something, but it's our goal to ascend to a higher vibration with love frequency despite all that goes on around us. We are trapped in the 3rd dimension but may ascend if you begin to understand. There are those that want us trapped in the rd dimension because they believe that they can have true power.. the will remain in this dimension for a long time.

    Sorry, but it is quite untrue to say that Jesus did not fulfil the Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah.
    Here are some.....

    Old Testament prophecy and Fulfilment in Christ

    "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" (Ps. 22:1).

    These were the very words of Jesus on the cross (Matt 27:46).

    "I am despised of the people. All they that see me laugh me
    to scorn: they shake the head, saying, He trusted on the Lord
    that he would deliver him: let him deliver him" (Ps. 22:6-8).

    Israel despised Jesus and mocked him (Luke 23:35; 8:53); they

    shook their heads (Matt. 27:39), and said this as He hung on the cross (Matt 27:43).

    "My tongue cleaveth to my jaws...they pierced my hands and my feet" (Ps. 22:15,16).
    This was fulfilled in Christ's thirst on the cross (John 19:28).
    The piercing of hands and feet refers to the physical method of crucifixion used.

    "They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture" (Ps. 22:18).

    The precise fulfilment of this is found in Matt. 27:35.

    Note that Ps. 22:22 is specifically quoted as applying to Jesus in Heb. 2:12.

    "I am become a stranger unto my brethren, and am an alien unto my mother's children.
    For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up" (Ps. 69:8,9).
    This well describes Christ's feeling of estrangement from his Jewish brethren and his own family
    (John 7:3-5, Matt.12:47-49). This is quoted in John 2:17.

    "They gave me also gall for my meat; and in my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink" (Ps. 69:21).

    This happened while Christ was on the cross (Matt. 27:34).

    The whole of Isaiah 53 is a remarkable prophecy of Christ's death and resurrection,
    every verse of which had an unmistakable fulfilment. Just two examples will be given:-
    "As a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth" (Isa. 53:7)

    Christ, the Lamb of God, remained silent during his trial (Matt. 27: 12,14).

    "He made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death" (Isa. 53:9).

    Jesus was crucified along with wicked criminals (Matt. 27:38),
    but was buried in the tomb of a rich man (Matt. 27:57-60).

    Headless Man

    Nice research...TU

    the most unbelievable aspect of Christianity is the fact that God gave up his only son for me, you, everyone. It's hard to take that on board as a human being, hard to understand God's amazing grace, so great that he sent us a Saviour. It's unbelievable - but not in a way that says "That's a load of crap, I don't buy it", rather in a way that says "Whow, it's so hard to believe that God would do that for me, for a simple human being, that he would show that much grace and love. It's unbelievable, but I gotta believe."


    you do not have to believe that is YOUR choice choose life or death I choose life


    Why do you "gotta believe"? Is it under your own ambition, or are you being coerced by society and the threat of hell?


    Keeping believing because its true!

    Mark 12:30-31--
    And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. But these are the most broken. Love Randy

    Ms Sinclair

    You have to love yourself before you can love your neighbor. Many people really don't.

    Headless Man

    Everyone love themselves at some point, (unless mental problems) they just don't love the place sin has got them.

    Or, has Harry Guardino as Barabbas in the 1961 epic King of Kings said as he looked at Jesus on the cross: "That man is dying in my place. Why should he do that? I never did anything for him."

    At 18, He saved my young-ass jn the Korean War; at 32 He saved my adult-ass in the Vietnam War; at 60 He saved my mid-life-ass from Prostate Cancer (from Agent Orange); at 78 He is saving my old-ass from AML (acute myeloid leukemia) (also related to radiation to treat the prostate cancer) through chemotherapy. In my view THERE IS NOTHING UNBELIEVABLE IN CHRISTIANITY. Thank you Lord for saving my old-ass and I will see You soon.




    God is obviously avoiding you.

    Jesus proclaimed I am the way, the truth and the light, and none come to the Father, except by Me. Christianity and Jesus claims to be the only way to heaven. People blame Religion for wars when it's people and governments, who out of greed and hate, start wars. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. People don't want to believe in God because they want to do what they want to do and don't want to feel guilty about it, or feel like they will burn in hell for their sins. The real God is a God of love but, the followers are all sinners and flawed, sometimes the hardest thing to believe is the people (who call themselves Christians) are such bad examples themselves. So when a person claiming to be a Christian kills in the name of God, it causes hate toward all Christians. That kind of person was probably not a real Christian, maybe even mentally ill, but it gives the rest of us a reason to point fingers and make us feel better about ourselves. Maybe the hardest thing to believe is that when we die, all of us will be held accountable for our actions. Good on your paper !!!

    Headless Man

    Yes we will be held accountable, but we can say Jesus paid the price. Love Randy


    I am so glad that i have never once thought that God was not true now that i am becoming older i don't see things the same way i did but still not a doubt. Guess i am blessed in that area thank you Lord for letting me know the truth. It amazes me that their are so many that don't even give it a thought that God is true.

    The God of Abraham saved me while a runaway in Casper, WY. I didn't ask, but He threw a life preservor which I grabbed wih all of my might and heart.

    God is very real folks. His Son, Jesus died and rose for you and me. Give Him a chance to show His love. You have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain.

    PS: Victor Van's response is dynamic and wonderful. Ask a combat soldier for a taste of reality and the reality of God and His protection. Worth reading; scroll up....

    I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is our true and only Savior. The one thing that has always bothered me is, if we have free will, how is it that God already knows what we will ultimatly do when faced with any descision be it moral or otherwise? How or why did Jesus know that one of his diciples will betray him and his name was Juddas? Do we really have free will or are we pre-destined to do what God already knows what we are going to do?

    Blind faith is the most unbelievable aspect. People believe in Christianity without proof and accept the teachings of men who are often shown to be weak in moral structure eg Christian Brothers.


    The acorn dosen't fall far from the tree, as traditions shame the spirit of love by greed

    Grit Savage

    exactly right.


    Aspects of science can be proven based of our current understanding. Christianity remains requestionable because of the lack of prove on any level

    Isiah says:Who had believe our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed.........
    , and when we shall see him , there is no beauty that we should desire him, man finds it easier not to believe in God, God is a Spirit and he wants spiritual people to worship him in spirit and truth

    man created religon,to control the masses.


    Ha Ha...Thats right papa peg, tell em.TU


    My feelings exactly!

    Headless Man

    Who controls the Demarcates then?


    I am not sure I get your logic

    papa peg

    If man created religon to control the masses.then why did scientist make nuclear weapons?to blow up all your asses.


    papa peg…the atomic bomb was produced to end the war with Japan early, in order to reduce the human cost of continuing the war. The H-Bomb design was given to the Soviet Union by Ed Aims, a known spy and informant to the Soviet Union. This is why the Soviet Union was first to demonstrate their construction and detonation of the H-Bomb first. Nuclear explosive devices have purpose in mining, here and in space. There are resources in space that can be exploited only by reducing their mass to manageable sizes. The yield of hydrogen from a detonation or burn if combined with specific materials can be used to produce materials that have unique properties that so far to my awareness remain unexplored.

    Our progress requires the development of many thought provoking things and methods. It is our path of spiritual progress to gain the moral strength not to abuse what we have made when such a solution seems so easy, yet costly to others.

    The most unbelievable thing about Christianity is that the doctrin of today is not the doctrin of its namesake. Jesus did not create Christianity.....the Romans did and they used it as a marketing tool to control the masses...they needed something to overcome the growing interest of the few who actually believed that Jesus Christ was a special being with a special purpose. Unfortunately Christianity is not actually based on the teachings of Jesus, but rather on the political needs of Rome at the time...if the Christians of the world followed the real tachings of Jesus we would be closer to Buddahism than Christianity in its current form. I do believe that Jesus was a special being, but unfortunately todays Christianity does not reflect his, as in the days of its beginning with the Roman Catholic Church, it is a political marketing tool to maintain power and wealth in the Vatican and for those who support and benefit from the Vatican.

    The most unbelievable aspect of Christianity...The intent is to provide folk with a simple way to live with your fellow human kind. "Judge not, be glad, don't covet, love your neighbor" and so forth. All of which are simple suggestions for living today. The fact that so many are involved with talking the talk rather than walking the walk is a dodge I find intolerable. How rude to go around attempting to twist some phrase here and there to derive some foggy notion that seems to justify some horrid action as the "will of God" be damned. The crime is the "usurpation of the will of God". Twisting, simple here and now, by some sophisticated stirrings...applying numerology, astrology, tea leaf readings derive some configured vision. There are far more honest, loving and moral people outside the church than inside the church. My girl friend can screech out profanity that will clear a crowded bar and she is a Heaven sent angel to all who know her.

    Headless Man

    "There are far more honest, loving and moral people outside the church than inside the church." Where did you get that info. or did you just make it up?


    Randy, I’m a baptist preachers kid. There are plenty of people in church who are wonderful, loving, moral folk who I love….there are far more outside the church who are just like those in the church and often more honest and open to those around them. Do you think Jesus choose disciples who were not what I would call puritans, those guys were rough, tough, men of the world involved in harsh work and I would bet they were most fluent in profanity rather than scriptural poetics and prose. Pretending is lying and hypocrisy out side the church is delta with harshly rather than accepted by well mannered folk who wouldn’s say shit if they had a mouth full.

    I believe the ten commandment and what the Bible teach about Jesus ministry while He was on earth.Also If someone really knows the teaching of the Bible you'll find that it mostly all about the ten commandment ,The whole duty of men is to obey His law,Those that refuse were curse and those that obey were bless.So that was the reason Jesus took our place,so that we get the blessing.Now wouldn't you say that good news?

    WOW! Your son has much to work with here!

    blind faith,being sold nothing and having to pay for it,

    Headless Man

    Who has to pay?

    The chemtrails.

    Unbelieveable, yet most beliveable God still loves us and forgives us our frailities and weaknesses.

    Did you know that the Christian story is one of the oldest on the planet. Contrary to popular belief if one does his/her research you would learn that the three kings following the star in the east, the virgin birth on December 25 and all of the other attributes that make up the Jesus story are all pulled out of the book of the dead which is an Egyptian pagan book that dates back 3000 years b.c. The Egyptians used to worship their sun god Horus, who was born on December 25 by the Virgin Davaki and so on. This story has all of the same attributes as the Jesus story only written 3000 years earlier, and its not the only one. At the same time developing societies everywhere were using this story, the only thing changing was the name of their God and the virgin who gave birth. I urge you to look into this. You'll find a whole world of truth about religion and should conclude that all religions derive from astrotheology and most of the stories you read in a bible are stories about our solar cycles anthropomorphized and personified into what we know today as the constellations. In conclusion, the answer to your question is the most unbelievable aspect of Christianity today is that people still take these stories as literal and don't see them for what they really are and that people still think that there is a man in the heavens who controls everything. Think about it most stories in the bible could not happen anywhere today except for a Hollywood. From Adam and Eve, to Noha's arc, walking on water, turning water into wine, the talking bush. I strongly recommend a documentary called Zeitgeist. Just google it and you will learn more about religion in an hour than you will at Sunday mass. Good luck and I wish you well.

    That God became Man. When you really think about it...its almost too much to comprehend.

    God taking his nature and placing in a creature. It would almost be like taking our human nature and placing it in a dog...we still have our same knowledge, will, and desires but are sort of limited by the physical restrictions and capacities specific to dogs...not the best analogy but it makes you think a little.


    Beautiful Ray, you have had a meaning full revelation, indeed God is man mortalized in earth life, a son.

    Religion fights mankind and removes the simplicity necessary to truly believe. Keep the faith and all else will fall into place. The American Indians achieved the simplicity. The Great Spirit and Spirit Guides in the guise of animals. We left Europe to pursue religious freedom but took away the simple answer from "barbarian" Indians by deeming them pagans. (Our own little Crusade and Inquisition) I love God or the Great Spirit but have little regard for religion.

    I'M like the old song. I believe:
    In every drop of rain that falls.
    The forests of nature.
    The wind,
    the tides,
    the instinct of animals,
    Man is my hardest to understand:
    his stiff neck,

    B-I-B-L-E Biblical Intruction Before Leaving Earth. F-E-A-R False Evidence Appearing Real
    It's amazing there is no such thing as an athiest in a foxhole.
    (Free Will) Forced love, is not love...He will never over ride our will. Love-Is the greatest power on earth. (John 3:16) He will stick closer than your brother. kinda like that song "He Walks with Me, He talks with Me" The places that all the wars and killing are going on in the world, are the most religious countries. It's a personal walk between you and Christ. There are no myseries in God's Word (He says, "Come to Me with child like understanding." However, The Spititual Scriptures are so shallow a small child could wade around in, yet so deep...the largest giant could swim around in the depths of. You have the physical realm, the mental realm and why in the world would you ever doubt the spiritual realm? I you have any questions, email me at and put SPIRITUAL QUESTION in the subject field. One last thing: God Bless YOU Victor Man!!! Stay Stron in His Love, brotherman!

    That Eve was born from Adam's rib when biology points in the direction that man was born from woman. For example, look at an embryo. Before the male hormone is introduced all embryos look alike, meaning they all look female. If the Bible were correct then the opposite should be true.

    Ms Sinclair

    Created then. Don't be so technical. I'd say you're the one grasping at straws.

    Headless Man

    Eve wasn't born of Adams rib, she was created from. Grasping at straws there aren't you? Love, Randy

    Jesus's body went to heaven and that numerous "witnesses" saw it happen


    I have a grip, on reality.


    Exactly ... David Copperfield is an illusionist, and I believe a lot of the stuff that's written in the bible is just that, an illusion. (My beliefs, ease up on the next 50 thrashing comments :p)


    Get a grip Ashligh, take time to "really" sit down and read it.


    I read it in multiple books, and I still have difficulty with the concept - but then again I've seen David Copperfield get bisected by a rotating steel blade too.

    I have a hard time believing the Bible because this book was written YEARS after the death of Jesus. I believe Jesus lived and Jesus was a great man. I DO NOT believe that Jesus was the only son of God. We are all sons and daughters of God. Buddah was a son of God, Jesus was the son of God, Muhammad was the son of God etc. I do not believe the bible is a true text of Gods word. I believe Jesus was a great man, I am NOT debating that. I am debating that Christianity is the only way. So -- they are the things that i have a hard time with regarding Christianity.

    I have a hard time believing that Christ(the only begotten son-of-god) died (although he
    later rose from the dead) for my sins. Can anyone give some examples of others who have died to remove sins.
    Maybe that was a popular thing back then..

    Headless Man

    Know examples of others, but Jesus died for you to forgive your sin, if you just believe in Him and ask Him to forgive you. Love, Randy


    "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend" I doubt it was ever 'popular' that one person would die for another and certainly not that they would die for someone else's sins

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