Are you hearing voices in your head? Did you know that too much coffee can do it to you?

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    Voices? I don't hear any voices. Hold on... What did you just say?... Well the same to you pal. Hurumph. The nerve of some people!

    Haa, haa, haaa.
    THIS CAN'T BE TRUE!!! Well,even if it is at least I can enjoy the conversation over coffee.
    well, my mum did tell me something about coffee once when i was studying along with a cup of coffee next to me: 'don't drink too much, it causes hair loss' i was going to rebut, ask her if she meant 'don't think too much, it causes hair loss' but i left it.....
    I drink up to 2 pots of coffee per day. I do not hear voices in my head, lol. Where do they come up with these findings?

    It was on google health. Perhaps it depends upon how strong the coffee is.

    Or the little extra they put in it, lol

    Just another excuse for another useless study to waste money on.

    I am a coffee junkie... No vioces in my head but I cant stop my mouth from running over.

    Jenn, get de-caf and give your mouth a break, lol
    coffee can't make you hear voices in your head. If you're hearing voices in your head, you need to see a psychiatrist to get anti-psychotic meds.

    mycatsmom, I agree with you 100 per cent.
    It is not normal to hear voices in your head, at least in my culture. Yet many of my friends claim to. If you confessed to 'auditory hallucinations' you would normally be diagnosed as borderline schizophrenia by your psychiatrist.

    Among psychologists there is little agreement as to why people hear voices. Most relate the experience to our unconscious minds, which presumably aims to resolve our past troubles. Today there are dozens of support networks to help people learn to cope with their voices and the problems that may lie behind them. Not every one who hears voices is mentally ill, nor do they drown their children, like Andrea Yates.

    Want to read more:
    too much coffee you'll wind up in the "maxwell house' a goverment subsides program. then youll really be in a grind!! the only voices i hear are the ones of me laughing,
    Thats strange I don't even drink Coffee! HA.

    tee hee.
    Come on guys, did you hear ...... " America Runs On Dunkin" ? there you have it !!
    well coffee, yes it is addictive {fact} but so are many other things that people enjoy. most people have an unhealthy weakness they cant ever resit,whether that being drug, alcohol or cigarettes or the not so common gambling or food relative addiction.each one is very hard to understand or relate to unless you suffer or have suffered from it in the past. everyones different and react in different ways. i personally think you should see your g.p. but dont give up your coffee unless u really want 2. cut it down or switch 2 decaff

    I hate to sound like 'goody two shoes' but I am not addicted to anything. I've never smoked, don't drink alcohol, am not addicted to food, I eat to live, I don't live to eat. Not addicted to coffee, not addicted to pills of any kind. And, I don't gamble, I'm too mean. What can I say? Hey, who's calling me...
    I don't drink coffee, tea, milk, alcoholic beverages or much water but, I love PEPSI, now you make me wonder does this cause me to " SEE VOICES and HEAR VISIONS!!!LOL

    They use that to clean battery post/terminals.

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