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    Seinfeld's monologues are essentially a compilation of pet peeves that most of us can associate with but that we usually pay no notice to whenever they occur. What are some of the things that people do that REALLY bother you.

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    Ms Sinclair

    I'm curious. Who is the picture you use as an avatar?

    Sir John A. MacDonald, Canada's first Prime Minister. An alcoholic Scotsman, imagine that. Perhaps our country's best ever.(Prime minister,that is)

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    Parents that don't control their children from being disruptive in public places, namely quieter restaurants really tick me off.
    ole hipster

    Completely forgot about the children thing...when mine were young and at those miserable "disruptive" stages, I always took them out of wherever I was...until they calmed down...people seem to be more ignorant concerning respect for others these days. (:

    I had lunch with my son, his wife and their 5 kids (ages 7, 5, 3, 3, 1) who sat on their chairs and ate their food. Another couple let their one kid, probably 5, run from table to booth with his hand held food, sit there, take a few bites, then move to the next...tables and booths prepped for diners....augh
    I agree with all of you. But the thing that bothers me more than anything, people who leave shopping carts in the middle of the aisle and refuse to move it so you can go by. They look at you like you're stupid to think they don't own the whole aisle.

    I have that solved 6dogs "Excuse me" in my sweetest male voice followed by "stand aside or lose a limb"

    I've even had people say "well excuse me" sarcastically back to me - like I was asking for something that I shouldn't. I have no idea what people are thinking these days.

    One of my biggest, this just happened to me yesterday, I'm standing in line at McDonalds waiting to order when two people came and broke in front of me in line, didn't say excuse me or anything. I know I'm a SMALL man at 6ft. 3 255lbs, but they could not see ME. The cashier told them that this gentleman was here first and took my order first, plus she gave me a free pie for the incident. Some people just don't show us elders respect. My next one is, I'm going down the highway running say 60mph, a person passes me, pulls back over in my lane and SLOWS DOWN, now that p****s me off.

    Yes, the yo-yo drivers that drive at variant speeds are extremely annoying when you're on the highway with cruise control. You then pass them again and sure enough, they accelerate.
    ole hipster

    How are you doing there Tiny?! lol (:

    I'm so tiny, I'm almost invisible. LOL Doing ok, how about you ole hipster my friend?
    Ms Sinclair

    I don't like when people cut in front of me on line either. They saw you. They were just being rude that's all.

    You're certainly right Ms. Sinclair, they were really being rude and I told them about themselves.
    People that smile in your face and then proceed to stab you in the back.

    You described my last boss. Not nice.
    Ms Sinclair

    Yeah. I was thinking of some of my fellow employees. Not a nice bunch. P.S.- Thanks for letting me vent. Thumbs up for your question.

    People who continue to stay in the left(passing) lane on the highway instead of moving back over into the right lane. Also people who have no darn clue that by the time they are ready to exit the access road and enter on to the main highway they should be at the designated highway speed. I  wan't to ram my car up the A&& of these idiots who pull in front of me only going about 45 miles an hour when the speed limit is 65 and 75 miles per hour.


    I totally agree with you country.
    I hate being lied too, and continually lies about everything.
    Not covering thier face when coughing or sneezing in public,spitting on the street and littering.

    I agree. Thats gross.
    Grocery stores that started charging 5 cents for plastic bags on the premise that it was environmentally sound policy, not to mention that it saves the stores an added expense. Why don't they credit us a nickel when we bring our own bag ?

    When incompetent vendors default to the standard "It's company policy" line whenever they can't come up with a valid reason for resolving your problem. Oh,yeah ? How about MY POLICY which directly contradicts YOUR company policy ?
    Being ignored!!!!

    Not here with 13K karma points;-)

    And that is why I came back.. you guys love me!!! LOL. I am so very needy!
    ole hipster

    We're all needy Jenn...don't feel alone in that one!
    People who come to the US and refuse to use our language...even when there are free English classes everywhere!
    Slow drivers. I've had to mug a few of my neighbors and tell them to pull over when they see my red GMC in the mirror. I explained that driving too slow, is as dangerous as driving to fast. If you can't control your car at the posted limit, you have no business behind the wheel. Second peeve: The township not picking up road kill. We have an incredible number of dead deer this time of year killed by cars and they stink to high heaven.
    Drivers who do not indicate when they are LEAVING a roundabout. Tailgaters, use mobile (cell) whilst driving are main ones in the driver catergory.

    People who do not access the virtues or lack thereof of a candidate before voting then complain when said person is elected.

    People who do not say please and thank you.

    People who do not respect the wishes of others.

    Yes, please and thank you. Especially at a checkout counter. Wait a minute, I AM THE CUSTOMER. Why did I THANK YOU for the privilege of having done business with YOU when you didn't thanks ME as you handed me the receipt.?

    There IS one usage of "thank you" that I find annoyingly unnecessary. When callers on radio talk-shows begin their conversation with "Thanks for taking my call". If anyone should be doing the thanking, it's the show host. Without callers he'd be looking for work. What a waste of time.Just get to the point already !
    ole hipster

    Sorry Peoplelove...I came back to this answer and voted you up twice...thus the down vote...will make it up to you! sorry my friend....don't come after me! (:

    Ole hipster you can run but you can`t hide grrrrrrrrrrrr your nemisis is coming to get you. How dare you thumbs down me, the hide of some people.
    People texting on their cell phones wilst trying to hold a conversation with them. So rude.

    I did a joint sales call with a working colleague a year ago. He had the nasty habit of ALWAYS checking his emails from his Blackberry the second they came regardless of what he was doing at that moment. When he pulled that stunt during the sales call, I could have kicked him in the groin. I tore him up after the meeting and he HAS changed his way. But the temptation to check on his "vibrator" is still very powerful.

    Yes it is very rude to say the least when you are trying to hold a conversation / meeting.
    Untidy people....sorry I'm kind of a neat freak.:/

    One of my pet peeves is people whose actions speak quite contrarily to their words. My parents' other child, her spawn, and Mr. Holier-than-thou are good examples

    Someone who constantly puts a 'k' on the end of an 'ing' word, such as: somethink, everythink. Grrrrrr...

    And using: them things, instead of those things.

    Maybe their Swedes.

    Their? Oops! Meant they're. ;-)
    Folk that apologize for me like I’m an idiot and not there. I say what I mean and mean what I say but nothing is carved in stone with me…I play with acting and enjoy being around actors. When I hurl out that green stuff from my revolving head…I can laugh about it in the next breath. Life is a joke to be played on the serious. Please don’t resent that. None of us are here long enough to harbor resentment.
    waiting in line
    People who will not drive the minimun speed limit on the hiway drives me insane at least do the minimun speed limit

    They're as dangerous as those that tailgate or don't use their turn signals.

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