why do some people want control of another

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    Benthere has got it in one word."Insecurity".Trying to bring someone else down to their level of unhappiness.
    When you are happy and secure with yourself, you don't need to (try to control someone else.) Very true, good answers here. Sometimes I've had women think that was a lack of concern for them, don't make that mistake, guys and gals. A confident person isn't high maintenance.
    Speaking for myself I have to say that being in control for some just has to be. I am a single mother. I have a home that I have to keep in order, I have a business that I have to keep under control and I am responsible for two teens. I am learning as my boys get older that I have to back down and allow them to find out what consequence is for action. It is hard to let the control go but it is something that was put in my lap for many years now.I am not insecure nor do I have a big's just been necessary.I do believe there are healthy forms of control as well as obsessive.

    A different type of control to what is being discussed here.I Think.Understandably control to some degree is requires with teenagers.More power to you MOM.

    It is and it isn't. My oldest son is often reminding me that I need to step back...I also don't quite always see a 17 year old but instead I see my little boy. Apron strings start to pull at this;)
    They feel insecure and they want to control their lives and others. It's best to keep them at a distance.
    quite simple to feel superior: no need for a long essay

    you hit the nail on the head
    They are bad people, period. I drive my own life. Don't need or want a co-pilot. Just sit in the back and shut up. If I need your advise I'll write you.

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